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Campaign Cards: Summer 2006
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This summer, the RPGA magewrights fired up the forge and produced the first complete set of Campaign Cards for the Eberron campaign, Xen'drik Expeditions. The ten cards in this set ship out as part of the 2006 D&D Rewards summer mailing. Be sure to enroll in D&D Rewards and receive your share of the bounty.

Stalker of Skyfall Set 1 Card 1: Creation

“Folktales claim we have nine lives. I like to think we just live the one we have spectacularly.”
- Gey’velun, infamous catfolk daredevil and libertine

Natives to the jungles of the Skyfall Peninsula, the nimble catfolk are a familiar sight on the streets of Stormreach, and many have allied themselves with the factions seeking to affect the Caldyn Fragments.

Benefit: This card unlocks the catfolk race, detailed on pages 92 to 95 of Races of the Wild. Catfolk have a +1 level adjustment and are considered 2nd-level characters at the campaign start. At 1st level, choose a class normally. A catfolk character can’t take a second class level until reaching 3rd level, and the race always takes up a level when the character progresses. Unlike the normal rules for level adjustments, your character gets the standard starting gold for its class.

This card costs two stack slots.

Sand Swimmer of Menechtarun Set 1 Card 2: Creation

“Suffer for me my children, and enter a wicked world of water and misery in search of the Great Truths.”
- Has-Talf-Dal, asheratis prophet

Natives to the great Xen’drik desert, some of the asheratis have heeded the clarion call of the draconic Prophecy through the Caldyn Fragments. It is said that Has-Talf-Dal, a charismatic prophet of these mystical people, has called on the faithful to join the various factions, but for what purpose no sand swimmer will say.

Benefit: This card unlocks the asheratis race, detailed on pages 37 to 39 of Sandstorm. It also unlocks the following related rules items. (All from Sandstorm.)

Equipment: ashworm, dust twister, eagle’s claw, khopesh, double khopesh, oleum, and thrombash.

Feats: Drift Magic, Eagle’s Fury, Priest of the Waste, Sand Dancer, Sand Spinner, and Searing Spell

Prestige Classes: Ashworm Dragoon, and Walker in the Waste

Spells: All non-restricted spells from Sandstorm.

This card costs two stack slots.

Amateur Inquisitive Set 1 Card 3: General

“Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio; a fellow ‘forged with a wicked greataxe, and an excellent backhand.”
- VIX, warforged explorer

Benefit: Spend this card to analyze clues in a single specific area as if you had the Investigate feat (see Eberron Campaign Setting pages 55 and 56). You cannot use a further action point to modify your Search check while searching the scene or analyzing any clues you’ve found at that scene.

Bane of My Enemies Set 1 Card 4: General

“I only need one good punch.”
- Say’sure, Covenant of Light monk

Benefit: Spend this card prior to making an attack. Instead of modifying the attack roll, the action point roll is a bonus to damage. If the attack fails to hit, this card is still spent.

Stance of the Dragon Turtle Set 1 Card 5: General

“The shell is nigh impregnable, but once cracked, the guts are oh so tasty.”
- Vorv’ak, sahuagin epicure

Few have the power and skill to get through your defenses.

Benefit: Spend this card and another action point when you declare fighting defensively or using the Combat Expertise feat. Add the action point result to your dodge bonus for the next round.

Second Wind Set 1 Card 6: General

“He passed me by, thinking me dead. That was his last surprise…ever.”
- Sorisa Clawfriend, Crimson Codex explorer

You don’t stay down for long.

Benefit: Spend this card and one more action point when you would usually spend an action point to stabilized. Roll an action point die. Your character stabilizes and immediately gains your action point roll in hit points.

Devastating Spell Set 1 Card 7: General

“Prepared correctly, gnoll glows as bright as any torch.”
- Henz Aat, Cabal of Shadow sorcerer

Increase the effectiveness of your spell at a physical cost.

Benefit: Spend this card and another action point to increase the DC of a spell. Roll an action point die. The spell DC increases by the action point total. As a magical backlash, immediately after the spell is cast and regardless of its success or failure, you take the action point roll times the level of spell augmented (minimum 1) in damage.

Natural Survivor Set 1 Card 8: General

“Drow scorpion riders travel single-file to hide their numbers. The tracks are side-by-side.”
- Coref the Quiet, master tracker

Your home is the wilderness, and you’re a master of the wild.

Benefit: Spend this card to take 20 on a single Survival check. If you spend this card to take 20 on a Track check, the base time for tracking is only a full-round action, rather than the normal two minutes.

Stormrider's Chapbook (999 KY Edition) Set 1 Card 9: Item

“When dealing with the native drow population, rely on slow and careful movements, and choose words carefully. If that doesn’t work, run flailing and screaming all the way to Stormreach.”

A repository of current rumors, songs, and strange stories, Stormrider’s is a popular publication of news and entertainment favored by the explorers and adventures of Stormreach.

Benefit: The chapbook grants your character a +2 circumstance bonus on Knowledge (local) and Gather Information checks. At any time during an expedition adventure (and even during some faction adventures) you can spend this card and gain the very next adventure secret, as the chapbook happens to have that particular secret buried somewhere in its unorganized pages. If you spend this card and there are no future adventure secrets, this card is still spent.

You may only have one Stormrider’s Chapbook (999 KY edition) in your stack.

Bizzare Little Idol Set 1 Card 10: Item

“You bought one too? He told me mine was the only one!”
- Gersi Toppe, a new arrival to Stormreach

One of many similar stone idols sold on the streets of Stormreach in Olarune by a mongrelfolk called Snarling Jac, the stones are said to amplify luck. After Jac sold dozens, if not scores, of these strange idols, he disappeared from Stormreach and has not been seen since.

Benefit: When spending an action point to modify a die roll, spend this card and then make a character level check. The result of this check determines what kind of die or dice to roll for your action point.

Lower than DC 5: No dice (action point is wasted)
DC 5: d4(s)
DC 10: d6(s)
DC 15: d8(s)
DC 25: d10(s)

It’s also rumored that the idol has other quiescent powers that manifest when the stone is in close connection to areas, actions, or events connected with the draconic Prophecy.

You may only have one Bizarre Little Idol in your stack.

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