The Litany
Covenant of Light

Creed and Code of the Covenant of Light

On the Nature of the Light

  • The Light is all that is Good, True, and Pure. In the Light, no shadows can fall and no darkness can exist.
    • The Light of Good abhors Evil in all its forms.
    • The Light of Truth abhors Falsehood in all its forms.
    • The Light of Purity abhors Corruption in all its forms.
  • The Light exists within all things. Even in the darkest heart, there is both Good and Evil.
  • Where the Light shines, nothing foul can take root.

On Serving the Light

  • The Light rules Heart, Head, and Hand. The Covenant is guided by the Light at all times.
    • When the Light rules the Heart, one acts with compassion. Love is the virtue of the Heart of Light.
    • When the Light rules the Head, one acts with wisdom. Righteousness is the virtue of the Head of Light.
    • When the Light rules the Hand, one acts with conviction. Valor is the virtue of the Hand of Light.
  • When one serves the Light, they serve all Life.
  • The Light demands perfection but understands that no mortal is without flaw. The only true crime against absolute purity is to stop seeking it.

On Dealing with Evil

  • Evil is marked by three stigmas; it is ruthless, brutal, and self-destructive.
    • Confronted with ruthlessness, you must not waver. Force the Eye of the Abyss to blink first.
    • Confronted by brutality, you must not succumb. The Light will never yield to Shadow.
    • Confronted by self-hatred, you must not stand in its way. When Evil wishes to consume itself, it should be given every opportunity to do so.
  • No evil creature is forced to serve the Darkness. Any being wishing to be redeemed in the Light can find absolution.
  • A servant of Life should choose death only as a last option. In death, there is no opportunity for redemption.

On Acts of Light

  • The Covenant of Light counts all of Eberron among its number. By showing kindness, bravery, and faith at all times, you will show all our wayward members the path home.
    • Kindness is the sheathed blade. Knowing when not to strike is as important as striking true.
    • Bravery is the stalwart blade. Knowing when to join in battle against evil is how the Sword of Light is forged.
    • Faith is the empty hand. Knowing without the shadow of doubt that the Light needs no other weapon is your final lesson.
  • When the time comes to lay down your life for others, do so gladly. A life spent in the service of Good is a Light that shines forever.
  • The ultimate act of Light may be as simple as living a good life. Lead by example. Enlighten through deed. Take action when the Light demands.

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