The Obscura
Cabal of Shadows

The Cabal of Shadows is a fractious organization and the members of the Cabal of Shadows often have personal motives that conflict with the goals of other members, and the Cabal as a whole. Four subfactions, referred to as Obscura by the members of the Cabal, have formed by members of like mind. The leader of each Obscura meets with the other three while wearing a mask, and using a pseudonym, in order to guide the Cabal from a position of anonymity. Not even the other leaders of the Cabal know who their partners are.

While the existence of the Obscura is unknown outside the Cabal, they are common knowledge inside it; though the membership and goals of each are not clear to the others. Not every member of the Cabal is a member of an Obscura, though nearly half are. To some, an Obscura is like family. Others see them as likeminded allies who will aid in their rise to power. Whatever their reason for joining, members of an Obscura will find that their society demands as much of them as it offers.

Joining An Obscura

  1. Each Cabal of Shadows PC may join any one, and only one, Obscura.
  2. To join an Obscura, simply print the appropriate certificate, and place it with your character sheet.
  3. As a member of an Obscura, you receive a +2 circumstance bonus to all Charisma related ability and skill checks made to influence fellow members of the same Obscura who are aware of your affiliation.
  4. A member of an Obscura is not required to disclose their membership in an Obscura to other players. Indeed it is likely to your benefit to lie about it. However for obvious reasons, the DM must be told of your membership so that you might receive any special orders for your Obscura pertinent to the current adventure. Often one Obscura may give its members orders diametrically opposed to the wishes of another Obscura, or even the Cabal. Generally loyalty to one’s Obscura trumps loyalty to members of an adventuring party, or the Cabal, though as a PC you may act as you wish.
  5. You may leave an Obscura at any time, but once you have done so, you may not join a new one – ever.

The Four Obscura

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