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The Obscura
Cabal of Shadows

Children of Xoriat

“Embrace your fury, and share it with your enemies.”

The Children of Xoriat are the nightmares that children’s tales are made of. They embrace the worst aspects of darkness and evil. Many believe that all members of this Obscura are insane madmen, but that is not true. Many of them can no longer be called men.

Those that have been given over to madness and rage find a home among the Children of Xoriat. They seek to visit their pain and rage upon their enemies in the ecstasy of blood, mutilation, and death. Where the rest of the Cabal is subtle, and may even have some redeeming characteristics, not so with this Obscura. The Children of Xoriat are the militant arm of the Cabal of Shadows and while never truly controlled, the other Obscura at least direct the force of their violence against the Cabal’s enemies.

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Members: Members of the Children include those who have gone insane such as half-daelkyr tortured by their otherworldly symbiotes or weakened kalashtar who now serve the Dreaming Dark. The Children also call to those who follow a warrior tradition such as full-blooded drow or those with the fighter or barbarian base classes. Those skilled primarily in spellcasting are rare. Given the membership, in addition to Traveler that is the patron of the Cabal, there is a small but significant following of both the Devourer and the Fury among members of this Obscura.

Alignment: Given the rage and twisted behavior of the members of this Obscura, nearly all members are chaotic in alignment with a strong majority embracing evil over neutrality. In the end though, all members of the Children are deviants given to violent behavior.

Recognition Sign: The Children always carry some sort of visible weapon, even if is only a knife, and the hilt of this weapon is marked with the smiling face of a small child.

Leader: The speaker of the Children of Xoriat takes the form of masked teen of indeterminate sex with fine white angel-like wings. The child, known as Sublime is disturbingly calm for one of the Children and speaks of the eradication of whole cities with the same intensity one might discuss the weather. During discussions on how to proceed, Sublime generally urges the most violent and bloody methods available.

Goals: Apocalypse. The Children of Xoriat seek the utter destruction of the world in a bloody conflagration that will spread across the globe and consume all within its path. While this long reaching goal may seem quite distant, members of this Obscura still make efforts to bring down the organized structures of society, murder those who bring stability or hope, and burn down edifices of cultural importance. Only by completely destroying the world can life begin anew.

The Four Obscura

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