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The Obscura
Cabal of Shadows


“So be it, then. Let all Eberron be agreed, we are wicked through and through.”

Some are born to be bad, and others just have the worst expected of them. Those who wallow in what they might have had often join the Mourners of Yore, but those who embraces darkness out of spite are frequently found among the Defiance.

Members of the Defiance might have matured to be wholesome neighbors, but were instead persecuted by for their looks or parentage. Where the Mourners run and hide, members of the Defiance embrace their darker heritage to spite the so-called heroes of light who see them as monsters. If the world expects them to be evil, the Defiance will show them what true evil is.

Of all the Obscura, the Defiance is the smallest. It is, however, the most organized and claims some of the most ancient and powerful among its members. Their entrenched power structure of elders often gives the Defiance a leadership role and an advantage in intelligence gathering over other Obscura.

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Members: Those given over to spite or anger, such as shifters or tieflings are common members of the Defiance. Anyone likely to embrace evil in order to force change or teach a lesson to the rest world would make a good member of this Obscura. In general, members of the Defiance tend to be the least religious of the Cabal, though there are exceptions, particularly among those that follow the Mockery.

Alignment: Members of the Defiance tend to be lawful, and this clarity of thought often becomes evident in their complex plans. While the Defiance is not a large Obscura, they make up for their lack of numbers by their organization and planning.

Recognition Sign: The symbol of the defiance is an eclipse of the sun. Many members of the Defiance often wear black finely tailored clothing in which one of the moons is in the process of eclipsing the sun. Members that note someone with such a piece of jewelry or clothing often ask if the wearer has seen an eclipse. The proper response is, “No, but I will see the one that is coming.”

Leader: The Voice of the Storm speaks for the Defiance. A skilled leader and orator, the Voice has no fear of the coming darkness and he urges all to embrace it. He is prone to motivating speeches filled with grandiose imagery. Among his fellows on the Council of the Obscured, the Voice of the Storm has urged frequent retribution against the Cabal’s enemies. In general though, he would rather see a foe suffer, rather than kill them quickly.

Goals: The Defiance seeks a fundamental change in the world. They seek to raise the Dark Six above the other gods, create a world where they rule through power and strength, and indeed some even hope to free members of the Lords of Dust to bring about a new dark era. Their overall goal is the establishment of the New Age where darkness rules and the Defiance is its herald.

The Four Obscura

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