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Xen’drik Expeditions Factionmasters
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This summer the RPGA is launching a new campaign, Xen’drik Expeditions, and we are looking for four people to help manage and steer the campaign.

The Xen’drik Expeditions campaign will feature a factional system, where the players participate as characters from one of four factions, each faction pursuing its own goals on the Lost Continent. Eberron setting creator, Keith Baker, has designed the factions, but the RPGA is looking for four people to help flesh them out and manage their adventures and other faction content released throughout the campaign’s lifespan, as a Factionmaster.

Xen’drik Expeditions Factionmasters are responsible for the following:

  • Design the first faction adventure, to specific design specifications, with a fairly aggressive schedule.
  • Manage the design of further faction releases by either designing the adventures, or aiding the RPGA Content Manager in contracting other designers.
  • Flesh out the factions by way of regular RPGA website articles, fastplay characters, and other special projects.

All together each Factionmaster is responsible for the creation of eight factional adventures a year, eight 500-1000 word website articles, fastplay characters, and roughly two special projects in a full year cycle. The positions works with the RPGA Content Manager, and the campaigns ends summer 2008.

Contact Us by February 17

If you are interested in one of these positions, send a Microsoft Word document or PDF resume and a cover letter introducing yourself and your special qualifications to rpgaadventuresubmissions@wizards.com by February 17, 2006. We are looking for creative applicants savvy with D&D and Eberron. Adventure writing (especially RPGA D&D v 3.5 adventure writing) and project management experience is a plus.

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