Fort Bones Announces Bounty on the 'Night Asp'
News for Aryth 1st, 998

Fort Bones Announces Bounty on the 'Night Asp'

VULYAR, KARRNATH—The Valenar warchief known as the “Night Asp” has a price on his head of 5,000 gold coins, the Karrnathi Army said in a written proclamation distributed throughout southeastern Karrnath last week.

The announcement of the bounty follows the disappearance of a supply caravan somewhere between Vulyar and Vedykar. Karrnathi prisoners released by the Valenar elves in Sypheros said their Valenar captors credited the seizure of the caravan Rae Tae Nagach, which means “Night Asp” in their native tongue.

The fate of the caravan’s teamsters and guards remains unknown.

Other border clashes attributed to the Night Asp include:

  • The sacking of Whitecrop Outpost southwest of Fort Bones.
  • The capture and eventual ransom of Karrnathi Captain Arrach ir’Thent.
  • Poisoning of the wells near Low Tegiddah.
  • Routing of an entire company of the Karrnathi 12th after a meeting engagement southeast of Fort Zombie.

But the attack on the caravan, guarded by more than 100 soldiers, represents the deepest incursion into Karrnath territory for the Night Asp—or indeed any Valenar since the war’s end.

The bounty will be paid in coin at Fort Bones after routine magical procedures confirm the head’s authenticity.

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