'Gold Falling Off the Wagons' of Blackcap Prospector
News for Aryth 1st, 998

'Gold Falling Off the Wagons' of Blackcap Prospector

CRAGWAR, BRELAND—A Blackcap mining expedition led by Jannak Karterrach found gold of an unexpected sort: antiquities believed to be some fifty centuries old.

The expedition returned to civilization last week, passing through Cragwar en route to Castle Larch, where Karterrach is staying as a guest of Countess Anya ir’Tremyne.

Witnesses in Cragwar reported seeing a dozen wagons descend from the foothills, each carrying gold coins and other valuables—more than even the many chests and crates in the wagons could contain.

“They had open sacks of gold coins and treasures,” said cobbler Thanam Doolkara. “Sure as I’m standing here, a few coins or some other fine things would fall off the wagon, and they wouldn’t even stop to pick them up.”

Doolkara showed off a silver fork with extensive filigree that fell off one of the wagons.

Why the expedition hurried through Cragwar is unknown. Castle Larch is not accepting visitors at this time, its castellan said. Messages sent to ir’Tremyne and Karterrach were unreturned at press time.

Karterrach is a well-known figure in prospecting circles and regarded as one of the most capable dwarven miners in western Khorvaire. His previous claims have been gold and mithral ore mines, however—not antiquities.

University of Morgrave history professor Ilsanzo Demetria said Doolkara’s fork bore ornamentation common among the goblins of the Dhakaani Empire. That would make the fork anywhere from five thousand to fifteen thousand years old, she said.

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