Lhazaar Investment Pacts Announced
News for Therendor 8th, 998

House Tharashk Announces Lhazaar Investment Pacts

ZARASH’AK—House Tharashk announced on Zol an ambitious set of dragonshard prospecting ventures in the Lhazaar Principalities, a northeastern confederacy of sea barons and merchant princes.

“Tharashk’s knack for dragonshard extraction is known across Khorvaire,” said triumvir Khundar’aashta from the House compound in the Shadow Marches. “And we have every confidence that, in conjunction with our local partners in Regalport and beyond, our efforts in the Principalities will be just as profitable.”

Members of the Finder’s Guild from the House Tharashk’s Aashta family will direct the new ventures, Khundar’aashta said. House prospectors are already working with Prince Ryger ir’Wynarn’s Seadragons for transport to several remote islands in the Lhazaar archipelago. Other sea barons are being offered similar transport deals in exchange for a percentage of profits from dragonshard prospecting.

House Tharashk’s announcement caught many house watchers by surprise, because the Lhazaar Principalities have never been considered a lucrative source for dragonshards. But some Lhazaar princes said they’d seen evidence of dragonshard wealth with their own eyes.

“The Tharashk prospector came back with a chest full of dragonshards the size of my fingers—after only two weeks searching an island in my realm,” said Prince Kaelisk, commander of a Lhazaar fleet anchored at Stonespur Island. “The terms could be better, of course, but anyone in the merchant business says that. Suffice it to say that our agreement should be lucrative for both House Tharashk and for all under the protection of my Coldtide Fleet,” he said.

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