Mysterious Monoliths under Construction
News for Sul, Therendor 1st, 998

SHARN -- On Zol, Morgrave University anthropologist Guthra Maranech displayed astonishing drawings depicting thousand-foot-tall ovoid structures under construction deep in the Sarlonan wilderness.

Maranech told a packed lecture hall that while he was uncertain as to the monoliths' purpose, the "psionic" energy that provides the Inspired with their mental powers seemed to fluctuate wildly in the area around these structures. "When we discuss purpose, we enter the realm of conjecture," Maranech said. "But based on the energy readings, I would have to speculate that these monoliths are some sort of psionic batteries or amplifiers."

Throughout his two-hour lecture, Maranech noted that his depictions of the monoliths, which he observed during a covert visit to the Riedran Empire, are nearly a year old. The anthropologist was detained by Inspired security shortly after entering the Valley of the Monoliths.

Maranech ended his lecture with yet another astonishing revelation. "Some of the details I observed suggest that the monoliths may have quasibiological motility," he stated. "Consequently, they might not even be in the valley anymore."

Maranech's return to Sharn marks the conclusion of nearly four months of negotiations between Brelish and Inspired ambassadors. The anthropologist said the Inspired had treated him well during his detention and even granted him access to Riedran texts for study.

Thahad Vulreath, Second Prefect for the Adar government-in-exile, called for the Riedran Empire to make public the purpose of the stone objects and allow neutral observers to monitor events in the Valley of the Monoliths. "Given the Riedrans' oppressive policies toward the Kalashtar minority remaining in Sarlona and elsewhere, we cannot help but wonder what new horror these monoliths represent," he said.

Diplomats at the Riedran Embassy in Sharn were unavailable for comment at press time.

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