Mark of Heroes02/17/2006

Campaign Standards v.3.0
Campaign Rules Update

Mark of Heroes unleashes its newest campaign standards, version 3.0. The new version includes an updated restricted lists, scores of options from recent rules books, and bumps to campaign up to 7th level with a base character-equip value of 18,000 gp just in time for Winter Fantasy. The new campaign standards also incorperate the complete errata for the polymorph tribe of spells, psionic powers, and prestige classes,

Check out some to the new rules sources now available in the campaign.

Five Nations.
Five Nations
Explorer's Handbook.
Explorer's Handbook
Magic of Eberron.
Magic of Eberron
Player's Guide to Eberron.
Player's Guide
to Eberron
magic of Incarnum.
Magic of Incarnum
Dungeon Master's Guide II.
Dungeon Master's
Guide II
Spell Compendium.
Spell Conpendium

The new campaign standards are available for download from the Mark of Heroes welcome page. Grab your copy today.

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