Mark of Heroes03/13/2006

Campaign Cards: Spring 2006
Set Five

The RPGA magewrights fired up the forge and produced the fifth complete set of Campaign Cards for the Eberron campaign, Mark of Heroes. The ten cards in this set ship out as part of the 2006 D&D Rewards spring mailing. Be sure to enroll in D&D Rewards and receive your share of the bounty.

Taint of the Daelkyr Set 5 Card 1: Creation

“Though taint mars my birth, my spirit shall overcome.”
- Zares Sorrowspawn, daelkyr half-blood paladin of the Silver Flame

Deformed and mutated by the inexplicable chaos that is daelkyr, you’re truly a breed apart from your fellow adventurers.

Benefit: This card unlocks the daelkyr half-blood, a race found on pages 37 – 38 of Magic of Eberron. It also unlocks the Symbiont Mastery feat from that book (page 51) and the following symbionts from that source or the Eberron Campaign Setting.

Symbionts: Breed leechME, crawling gauntletME, shadow siblingME, spellwurmME, stormstalkME, tentacle whipEC, tonguewormEC, throwing scarabME, winter cystME.

You can choose unlocked symbionts as your personal symbiont using the races normal rules, and can also equip your character with them using the costs in the “Symbionts and Grafts as Treasure” sidebar on page 154 of Magic of Eberron.

A 'Forged Apart Set 5 Card 2: Creation

“Though the hands of Cannith may have build us,
the Path of Light infused us with destiny.”
- Cogito, psiforged cleric

Regardless of whether you were the first of your kind to step out of the Mournland or one of the later ‘forged created by Merrix d’Cannith in Sharn, you are undeniably psiforged.

Benefit: This card unlocks the psiforged races (or more precisely, the Psiforged Body feat) from Magic of Eberron. It also unlocks all nonrestricted classes, skills, feats, powers, prestige classes, and psionic items from the Expanded Psionics Handbook. See the Mark of Heroes Campaign Standards for a list of campaign restricted psionic rules items.

Back to the Wall Set 5 Card 3: General

“Last time some changelings like you jumped me in an ally like this, I got a price on my head for the trouble. Needless to say, the changelings fared much worse.”
- Bregzul the Jackal, shifter cutthroat

In times of desperate needs you can unleash a reservoir of frantic energy.

Benefit: If you are flanked, have two opponents and at least one wall or similar barrier occupy squares adjacent to you, or have 3 or fewer hit points, you can spend this card to gain a +4 bonus to Strength and Dexterity for a number of rounds equal to your Constitution bonus (minimum 1 round).

Alternatively, under the same circumstances, shifters may spend this card and one other action point to gain a free shift rather than gaining the bonus to Strength and Dexterity.

Dance of Death Set 5 Card 4: General

“This is the dance of my ancestors.
It takes my enemy’s breath away.”
- Vensalis the Red

Barriers mean next to nothing when you focus on a foe.

Benefit: Spend this card and one action point when charging. Through inspiring feats of acrobatic grace you may charge through allies and even through difficult terrain. Furthermore if you score a critical hit with the charge attack, you automatically confirm that critical.

Rooftop Elite Set 5 Card 5: General

“I work best when I’m among the towers.”
– Flea, warforged ranger

You are deft at finding ways to slow your fall. You are also more than a little lucky.

Benefit: Spend this card to treat a standing long jump as a running long jump. Alternatively, you may spend this card to reduce your falling damage. Spending this card allows you to avoid 10 feet of falling damage, which is cumulative to any damage avoided by way of a successful DC 15 Jump or Tumble check. You may spend additional action points to further reduce your fall at a rate of one action point per 10 feet. You many only spend a number of action points (including this card) in this manner equal to your Dexterity bonus (minimum of 1).

Master's Luck Set 5 Card 6: General

“While a flying familiar or homunculus is useful,
extra care must be taken to keep it alive.”
– Retief Romhaar, professor of the adventuring arts, Arcanix

You have a strong connection with those who serve you.

Benefit: Spend this card, and grant your animal companion, familiar, homunculus, or special mount the benefit of the action point associated with it.

Stance of the Dragon Turtle Set 5 Card 7: General

“Crash, crash, enemies like waves
against our dragon turtle stance.”
- Seadragon battlecry

Few have the power and skill to get through your defenses.

Benefit:Benefit: Spend this card and another action point when you declare fighting defensively or using the Combat Expertise feat. Add the action point result to your dodge bonus for the next round.

Raging Spell Set 5 Card 8: General

“Let the caster beware, some spells
drain both body and soul.”
- Aureon proverb

You know a casting secret that leaves you weakened, but your enemies fare much worse.

Benefit: Spend this card to spontaneously apply a metamagic feat that your character knows to a spell you are about to cast. The metamagic feat does not affect the level of the spell. In the case of sorcerer and other spell casters who apply metamagic feats spontaneously, you can spend this card to apply a metamagic feat and cast the spell using the spell’s normal casting time. After the spell is cast, your character is fatigued, and also suffers a -2 penalty to Wisdom and Charisma for as long as the fatigue lasts.

Zilargo Elemental Binder Set 5 Card 9: Expansion

“A fire burns bright inside of me. No, I mean it,
there really is a fire inside of me.”
- Timmlun Delundaell, gnome artificer

Some elementals serve masters, others strengthen companions.

Prerequisites: Either region of origin Zilargo, member of a dragonmarked house, or favor of Zilargo (the favor and being a member of the dragonmarked house only grants access to the grafts).

Benefit: Privy to the secrets of the elemental grafters, the following rules items are unlocked for you.

Feat (AllME): Elemental Grafter

Prestige Class (AllME): Elemental scion of Zilargo

Grafts (AllME): Aqueous body, breath of the waves, buffeting fits, dust form, earth glider, elemental flesh, hands of flame, incendiary skin, oceanic adaptation, scorching gaze, stony planting, tremor raft, whirlwind form.

Eldeen Plant Binder Set 5 Card 10: Expansion

“Some druids of the Towering Wood are
more in touch with nature than others.”
- Urindel of Greenheart, Eldeen ranger

Some people have green thumbs, your relation with flora is much stronger.

Prerequisites: Either region of origin Eldeen, Gatekeeper Initiate feat, or favor of the Gatekeepers (the favor does not grant the Eldeen Plantgrafter feat, just the grafts).

Benefit: Privy to the secrets of the plant grafters, the following rules items are unlocked for you.

Feat (AllME): Eldeen Plantgrafter

Grafts (AllME): Healing nodules, darkwood flesh, fatigue spores, grappling vine, perception seed, rootleg, treebark carapace.

ME = Magic of Eberron

EB = Eberron Campaign Setting
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