Mark of Heroes10/24/2005

Campaign Cards: Fall 2005
Set Four

The RPGA magewrights fired up the forge and produced the fourth complete set of Campaign Cards for the Eberron campaign, Mark of Heroes. The ten cards in this set shipped out as part of the D&D Rewards fall mailing. Be sure to enroll in D&D Rewards and receive your share of the bounty.

Shaper of the Soul Mist Set 4 Card 1: Creation

“I listen to the life that swirls around us-even in this wasteland-and I shape its voice into a resonance of pure power.”
-- Kalsanaka, totemist of the Demon Wastes

There are those who've learned to shape blue misty energy that sages claim comes from the infinite souls of the multiverse. They call this energy incarnum.

Benefit: You are a shaper of incarnum. This card unlocks any nonrestricted class, skill expansion, feat, racial substitution level, soulmeld, spell, prestige class or magic item from Magic of Incarnum. It does not unlock any of the races in that source. See the Mark of Heroes Campaign Standards for a list of campaign restricted Magic of Incarnum rules items.

Spry Approach Set 4 Card 2: General

“Some use magic to stun their foes; I just move.”
-- Rennul, master burglar of Sharn

Prerequisite: Balance and Climb 4 ranks, Tumble 8 ranks.

Benefit: Spend this card at the beginning of your turn to either ignore the -5 penalty when making a Balance check while moving at normal speed or when climbing at half speed that round, or you can spend this card and a move action to gain a second 5-foot step that round.

Last Strike Set 4 Card 3: General

“From Dolurrh's heart I stab at thee.”
-- Urik d'Deneith, at the moment before his death.

Benefit: Spend this card and another action point when you take enough damage to reduce your character to -1 hit points or lower. You may take a single standard action just prior to falling prone as an immediate action. If the damage reduced you to -8 hit points or higher, you're reduced to -9 hit points directly after that action.

Quicksilver Reflexes Set 4 Card 4: General

“To defeat me you must hit me, which is something you seem incapable of doing.”
-- Shadi, Valenar Elf

Benefit: Spend this card to modify a Reflex saving throw. When rolling your action point dice, roll an additional die. Take the higher of the rolls. Instead, if you rolled a natural 1 on a Reflex save, you can spend this card and two more action points to reroll that Reflex save.

Right Scroll for the Job Set 4 Card 5: General

“Blessed Aureon! I thought I used that scroll last Zor.”
-- Muik the mage, sometimes know as the forgetful.

Benefit: Spend this card to convert a one of your scrolls to a scroll of a different spell of the same level that you have access to. In the case of divine spells, this is a spell that appears on your spell list that you are high enough level to cast. In the case of sorcerers, bards, or other "spontaneous-casting" arcanists, the spell must be among your known spells. For wizards and other arcanists who utilize spellbooks, the spell must among the ones in your spellbook. The caster level of the spell on the scroll stays the same, as does the divine or arcane nature of the scroll-you cannot replace an arcane spell with a divine spell or the reverse. Lastly, a psionic character can spend this card to convert a power stone to one of a different power as long as the character has access to the new power and the manifester level stays the same.

Fast Talker Set 4 Card 6: General

“I was not expecting to find such a sage and subtle mind this deep in the Cogs.”
-- Ky Shadowspeak

Prerequisite: Improved Initiative.

Benefit: Spend this card before attempting a rushed Diplomacy check against a creature with an indifferent or better attitude and reduce the penalty if the check to -5. Spend this card and another action point before the attempt to negate the penalty.

Perfect Maneuver Set 4 Card 7: General, Linked

“I moved with such precision, it was as if a higher power guided my attack.”
-- Zurin d'Jorasco finds religion

Prerequisites: You must spend this card and the linked card at the same time. To play this card you must have spent less than half (round down) of your character's total action points.

Benefit: Spend this card to strengthen one of the following linked cards: Feign Surprise, Staggering Strike, or Swift Response. Unless stated otherwise, the following benefits are added to the normal card benefit.

Feign Surprise: You may take a move and a standard action during the surprise round.

Staggering Strike: As that card, and the creature must make a Fortitude save (DC 10 + half your character level) or be dazed for 1d4. The daze begins when the creature ceases being stunned.

Swift Response: Instead of taking a move action, you may take a single attack at your highest base attack bonus as a swift action.

Missed Me Set 4 Card 8: General

“He missed me and was undone.”
-- Rand Toppe, Brelish mercenary

Benefit: If you don't have the Mobility feat, spend this card and one other action point to avoid a single attack of opportunity. If you do have Mobility, spend only this card to avoid the attack. This card must be played before the result of the attack of opportunity is determined. The attack still occurs and counts against the opponent's total possible attacks of opportunity in a round.

Pride of Breland Set 4 Card 9: Expansion

“A magewright in the town is worth an army in the wilderness.”
-- Beggar Dane

Prerequisites: Breland as region of origin.

Benefit: This card unlocks the following rules items:

Standard Class: SwashbucklerCW

Prestige Classes: Cannith wand adeptSH, combat medicHB, shadowmindCV, spellswordCW, streetfighterCV

Spells:familiar pocketCA, fist of stoneCA, golem strikeCV, instant locksmithCV, Leomund's hidden lodgeCA, shadow formCV, swift expeditious retreatCV, swift flyCV, unluckCA

Magic Items:bowstaffCV, casting gloveD2, dagger of defenseCV, deadly precision weapon abilityCV, everlasting rationsHB, jumping caltropsCV, rod of sure strikingD2, spellsight spectaclesCV

Guardian Familiars (AllCW): blade guardian, spark guardian, gauntlet guardian

Uncommon changeling Set 4 Card 10: Expansion

“Many spend their life pretending to be what they're not. I've spent most of mine trying to find exactly who I am.”
-- Ven, a reality seeker

Prerequisites: Changeling.

Benefit: This card unlocks the following rules items:

Standard Class: Psion from the Expanded Psionics Handbook. You cannot use this expansion card as a creation card. You character must take levels of this class after 1st, as you talent was discovered later in life. This also unlocks unrestricted skills, feats, powers, and psionic items from that source-but not prestige classes.

Racial Substitution Levels (all RE): Changeling egoist, changeling rogue, changeling wizard.

Prestige Classes: RecasterRE, shadowmindCV

Feats: As above and Persona ImmersionRE, Quick ChangeRE, Racial EmulationRE

CA = Complete Arcane

CV = Complete Adventurer

CW = Complete Warrior

D2 = Dungeon Master's Guide II

HB = Heroes of Battle

SH = Sharn: City of Towers
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