Mark of Heroes07/01/2005

Campaign Cards: Summer 2005
Set Three

The RPGA magewrights have fired up the forge to produce the third complete set of Campaign Cards for Mark of Heroes set in Eberron. The ten cards in this set were shipped out as part of the D&D Rewards summer mailing. Be sure to enroll in D&D Rewards and receive your share of the bounty.

Children of the Shadow Marches Set 3 Card 1: Creation

"“No more talk, filthy beast; this axe sings my final answer.”
-- Menko, warchief of the Guut-Gul clan

Deeply traditional and unflinchingly savage, the orcs are the nomadic and tribal masters of the Shadow Marches. Orc adventurers tend to travel the world either on a sacred duty to protect their tribes or because they are outcasts seeking to regain their honor through glorious deeds.

Benefit: This card unlocks the orc race. Your orc character is from the Shadow Marches. See the Monster Manual for the racial traits of this race. This also unlocks the following rules item Monster items (All RE):

Equipment: Shaders

Feats: Shadow Marches Warmonger

Dol Arrah's Sacrifice Set 3 Card 2: General

“Hear me Lady, and allow my sacrifi ce for your greater honor.”
-- Traditional prayer to Dol Arrah

Prerequisite: The ability to lay on hands.

Benefit: Spend this card and take 2 points of Strength damage to gain an effective +6 Charisma bonus for the purposes of your lay on hands ability for the day.

Master's Luck Set 3 Card 3: General

“Tuul is more than a mere pet. He is my companion, my friend, my brother.”
-- Suki, gatekeeper initiate

Benefit: Spend this card, and grant your animal companion, familiar, or special mount the benefit of the action point associated with it.

Iron Fortitude Set 3 Card 4: General

“I felt the venom’s sting, but still I stood strong.”
-- Zurtuk, shifter barbarian

Benefit: Spend this card to modify a Fortitude saving throw. When rolling your action point dice, roll an additional die. Take the higher of the rolls. Instead, if you rolled a 1 on a Fortitude save, you can spend this card and two more action points to reroll that Fortitude save.

Amateur Inquisitive Set 3 Card 5: General

“There is sand here, and all around it is mud. Is sand a component to some spell?”
-- Meldain, Breland ranger

Benefit: Spend this card to analyze clues in a single specific area as if you had the Investigate feat (see Eberron Campaign Setting pages 55 – 56). You cannot use further action points to modify your Search check to search the scene or analyzing any clues you’ve found at that scene.

Swift Response Set 3 Card 6: General

“They have a cave troll…and they know we’re here.”
-- Xeln, moving away from a door after swiftly closing it.

Benefit: Spend this card to perform one of the following move actions as a swift action: pick up an item, Quick Draw hidden weapon (with Quick Draw feat and Slight of Hand), ready a shield, loose a shield, open or close a door, pick up an item, retrieve a stowed item, sheathe a weapon, or stow an item.

Power and Precision Set 3 Card 7: Creation

"You say I am slow and witless, that may be so, but I am also accurate and deadly, and I think that counts for something.”
-- Fulcrum, warforged adventurer

Benefit: Spend this card when making an attack roll. Your action point modifies the attack roll and the damage roll. If you already gain this advantage due to a feat or other ability, roll an extra action point die, and take the higher of the rolls.

Aundairian Arcanist Set 3 Card 8: Expansion

“While it may be accidental that Aundair is home to Arcanix and the Arcane College, that still makes it the center of magic in all of Khorvaire.”
-- Raulo ir’Tannick, lord mayor of Arcanix

Prerequisites: Ability to cast arcane spells, region of origin Aundair.

Benefit: This card unlocks the following rules items:

Core Classes: WarmageCA, SpellthiefCV

Prestige Classes: Mage of the Arcane OrderCA†, Phantom DragoonsFN, SpellswordCW

Spells: aiming at the targetCA, anticipate teleportationCA, bands of steelCA, duelwardCA, enhance familiarCA, familiar pocketCA, fortify familiar, greater anticipate teleportationCA, greater blinkCA, greater mage armorCA, greater Otiluke’s dispelling screenCA, greater sign of sealing, illusion purgeRE, imbue familiar with spell abilityCA, Leomund’s hidden lodgeCA, mass flyCA, Otiluke’s dispelling screenCA, reciprocal gyreCA, refusalCA, servant hordeCA, sign of sealingCA, unfettered heroismRE, unluckCA

† The arcane order in question is the Arcane Congress.

Nomad of the Plains Set 3 Card 9: Expansion

“Give me the sunrise over the grassland and a good fastieth to chase it. Give me freedom, give me the hunt, give me the Plains of Talenta.”
-- Nendul, Talenta halfl ing hunter

Prerequisites: Halfl ing, region of origin Talenta

Benefit: You have an almost spiritual knowledge of your homeland. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus to Spot, Listen and Survival checks while in Talenta. This card unlocks the following rules items:

Core Classes: ScoutCV

Recial Substitution Levels: Halfling druidRW, halfling rogueRW.

Feats: Agile AthleteRW, Confound the Big FolkRW, Dinosaur HunterRE, Dinosaur WranglerRE, Talenta WarriorRE, Underfoot CombatRW.

Magic Items: Foxhide armorRW, belt of hidden pouchesRW.

Forged of War Set 3 Card 10: Expansion

“War is in may nature, and it will always be part of how I view the world.”
-- Pierce, Cyran warforged adventurer

Prerequisites: Warforged or warforged scout.

Benefit: This card unlocks the following rules items:

Core Class: WarmageCW

Racial Substitution Levels (AllRE): Warforged artificer, warforged fighter, warforged paladin.

Prestige Classes (AllRE): Spellcarved soldier

Feats (AllRE): Brute Fighting, Cold Iron Tracery, Construct Lock, Improved Resilience, Jaws of Death, Second Slam, Silver Tracery, Spiked Body.

Magic Items (AllRE): Command circlet, essence of the guard, tracker mask, traction claws.

[CA] = Complete Arcane

[CV] = Complete Adventurer

[CW] = Complete Warrior

[FN] = Five Nations

[RW] = Races of the Wild

[RE] = Races of Eberron

[ES] = Eberron Campaign Setting
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