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The much desired and regrettably delayed new fastplay characters for the Mark of Heroes campaign are finally available in their full format, including miniature unlocks. Now new players can quickly join Eberron adventures with a dwarf artificer, human bard, warforged wizard, or our second fastplay human fighter offering, who’s defended with a trusty tower shield!

Playing a Mark of Heroes adventure with these fastplays and their corresponding miniature unlocks special advantages, as detailed on each character’s magic and stack sheet (that’s the last page of the character sheets). Remember, as an errata to the current campaign standards, these miniature unlock abilities don’t take up a campaign card slot; they’re gained whenever you play fastplays or advanced versions of fastplays with the corresponding miniature.

Also, the original fastplay characters have been updated, so that each features their miniature unlock on the character sheets.

Finally stay tuned for the Mark of Heroes Campaign Standards v.1.2, incorporating all the changes detailed in the last Mark of Heroes “Dispel Confusion” column and details for incorporating Races of Eberron, Lords of Madness, Libris Mortis, Draconomicon, Sandstorm, Frostburn, Races of Destiny, and Races of the Wild into your Mark of Heroes character build. That update will be hitting the website very shortly.

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