Campaign Cards: Fall 2004
Mark of Heroes Set 1

The RPGA magewrights have fired up the forge to produce the first complete set of Campaign Cards for Mark of Heroes set in Eberron. The ten cards in this set were shipped out as part of the D&D Rewards Fall mailing. Mark of Heroes is set to launch at Winter Fantasy 2005 with preview events at Gen Con So Cal. Prepare to swing by the official campaign message boards and campaign website rolling out in October and November. Be sure to enroll in D&D Rewards and receive your share of the bounty.

Off the Beaten Path Set 1 Card 1: Creation

"While many find solace in orthodoxy, I understand that to be exceptional is to be different."
-- Fash Daergel, whisper gnome artificer

In a place as vast and diverse as Eberron there are many paths to adventuring success. Maybe you're the student of an exoteric master. You may be a member of a shadowy race or an obscure culture. Regardless of your background, your special talents are a boon to any adventuring party you join.

Benefit: This card unlocks the following rule items: Favored soul [CD], scout [CW], swashbuckler [CW], warmage [CA], whisper gnome [ES] (and the Extra Silence [ES] and Silencing Strike [ES] feats are unlocked for whisper gnomes).

City Goblin Set 1 Card 2: Creation

"Living in caves and raiding caravans is so last century."
-- Gvul Jezzak, goblin magewright

When humans first colonized Khorvaire they enslaved many goblinoids. Today they inhabit the major cities of the continent, having been assimilated into civilized culture. While come treat them as second-class citizens, many adventurers treat them with equality.

Benefit: This card unlocks the goblin and hobgoblin races. See the Monster Manual for the racial traits. Hobgoblins have a +1 level adjustment and are considered 2nd-level characters at campaign start. At campaign start, choose a class normally. A hobgoblin character can't take a second class level until it reaches 3rd-level, and the race always takes up a level when the character progresses. Unlike the normal rules for level adjustment, your character starts with the standard beginning gold for its class at campaign start.

People of Mind, Matter, and Radiance Set 1 Card 3: Creation

"The life is a manifestation of mind, matter, and radiance. All three in perfect balance is kalashtar."
-- Vezzentash, Kalashtar philosopher.

The kalashtar are a compound race: incorporeal entities from Dal Quar merged with human bodies and spirits. Taller than humans with beautiful angular features and an ethereal grace, kalashtar are truly psionic beings.

Benefit: You are a kalashtar (see Eberron Campaign Setting), and this unlocks any non-restricted class, skill, feat, power, prestige class, or psionic item from the Expanded Psionic Handbook. See the Mark of Heroes Campaign Standards for a list of campaign restricted psionic rules items.

Uncommon Strategy Set 1 Card 4: General

"A weak mind is foiled by its reliance on the expected."
-- Changeling proverb

Benefit: Spend this card to roll an extra action point dice when modifying the outcome on an aid another, bull rush, disarm, feint, overrun, sunder, or trip attempt. Take the higher of the two rolls.

Blessed Relief Set 1 Card 5: General

"Rise friend, it is not yet time to meet your vaulted ancestors."
-- Hev'syre, servant of the Undying Court

Prerequisite: The ability to channel positive energy.
Benefit: You can spend this card to spontaneously Maximize, as the metamagic feat, a single cure light wounds, cure moderate wounds, or cure serious wounds spell cast on an unconscious ally.

Twist the Blade Set 1 Card 6: General

"Did that hurt?... Good."
-- Xeln, changeling adventurer

Prerequisite: The ability to sneak attack.

Benefit: Spend this card to reroll a single sneak attack damage die. For every two action points you spend above and beyond this card you may reroll another sneak attack damage die. Take the higher of the two sets of rolls as your damage.

Arcane Retention Set 1 Card 7: General

"A gifted student not only comprehends, but also retains."
-- Wullem Veskyil, Morgrave professor

Prerequisite: The ability to cast arcane spells.

Benefit: Spend this card and two action points per spell level to retain a wizard spell you just cast. Spontaneous arcane casters can spend this card and two action points per spell level to cast a spell you just cast again next round without expending a spell slot.

Extra Deflection Set 1 Card 8: General

"Go and grab the dragonshard; I'll protect you."
-- Ukjent, Hobgoblin adventurer

Prerequisite: Deflect Arrows.

Benefit: Spend this card to deflect a second ranged weapon attack in a round. For every two action points you spend, you can deflect an additional arrow this round.

Missed Me! Set 1 Card 9: General

"I'll pass on the kiss."
-- Hevlon of Dol Dorn to the Kiyu'tul the succubus

Benefit: If you don't have the Mobility feat spend this card and one other action point to avoid a single attack of opportunity. If you do have Mobility, spend only this card to avoid the attack. This card must be played before the result of the attack of opportunity is determined. The attack still occurs and counts against the opponents total possible attacks of opportunity in a round.

At Home Among the Towers Set 1 Card 10: Expansion

"Kissed by Syrania, and the gateway to Xen'drik, the importance of Sharn is immeasurable."
-- Sorik Senso, member of the City Council of Sharn.

Sharn is home, or at least a home away from home. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus to Knowledge (local), Gather Information, and bardic knowledge check made concerning the city and its citizens. This card also unlock the following rules items.

Feats: Arcane Strike [CW], Augmented Healing [CD], Disguise Spell [CV], Filth Eater [SH], Improved Flight Item [SH], runesmith [ES], Sharn sky mage [SH], Manifest Leap [SH], Sidestep [MH], Swarm's Embrace [SH], Wandstrike [CA].

Equipment (All [SH]): Blank House Sivis notarized documents, potion bracer, resilient documents.

Prestige Classes: Bonded summoner [MH], Cannish wand adept [SH], master transmogrifist [CA], mindspy [CW], runesmith [ES], Sharn sky mage [SH], street fighter [CV], urban soul [ES].

Spells: Archane seal [SH], baleful transposition [MH], benign transposition [MH], force hammer [SH], shockwave [SH], slide [MH].

Magic Items (All [SH]): arcane key, feather fall talisman, gloves of the locksmith, mask of the misplaced aura, pen of living parchment, pendant of mystic warning, powder of silent passage, sentinel's shield, soarsled, watch lamp, wizard's manacles.

[CA] = Complete Arcane

[CD] = Complete Divine

[CV] = Complete Adventurer

[CW] = Complete Warrior

[ES] = Eberron Campaign Setting

[MH] = Miniatures Handbook

[SH] = Sharn: City of Towers

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