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Learn more about Diggers' Union and the background for the Mark of Heroes campaign. Backsotry articles provide campaign setting information, and plot summaries for retired adventures.

Every character in the Mark of Heroes campaign is a member of an adventuring society called the Digger's Union -- snidely called the Grave's Diggers' Union by the organization's detractors. For over a century this semi-independent organization has supplied treasure hunters and adventurers to Morgrave University and its affiliates for various special projects. With the end of the Last War the organization has expanded to a full-grown adventures guild independent from -- but still friendly with -- the powerful dragonmark houses, supplying veterans and bored youth with hospice and employment from a variety of patrons. There are Diggers' Union halls throughout Khorvaire, and the organization even has outposts in far off Xen'drik and Aerenal.

What does it mean to be a member of the Diggers' Union? It means that necessity, the services of lofty powers, or the yearning for adventure has motivated your character to join this organization.

But don't think that the organization is full of adventurous mercenaries only out for a few coins. This is no monolithic institution of likeminded people. Governments, dragonmark houses, churches, and other organizations purposely send agents to fill the ranks of the union. Not only does the organization offer "real world" experience to aspiring agents, it gives these organizations a legitimized avenue to gather information about the world, and even spy on or parley with rivals. Even within the organization, its true goals and method to reach them are fractionalized, as patrons and masters in the organization strive to put forward their own agendas, and the goals of those they serve.

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