Across Eberron

Eberron is waiting. To help introduce the new setting of Eberron and explain what it's about, Wizards of the Coast distributed a booklet at the 2003 Gen Con Indy game convention called Across Eberron that outlined the theme and mood of this exciting new setting. If you missed the con or didn't get a chance to grab a copy for yourself, here's your chance.Across Eberron was written from a traveler's perspective. It describes the various sights and people met during a traveler's journey through the land. Across Eberron features concept artwork for the setting as well as a partial map of the world. The booklet was designed to have maximum impact when as a two-page spread, meaning it's best viewed when you look at a fully opened booklet with the two open pages side-by-side. However, you may not want to print it out that way.

(All these require Acrobat Reader 6.0 or a PDF viewer program to view, and must first be unzipped.)

Download and enjoy Across Eberron, then prepare for more introductory material on this website about Eberron. We have seen such wonders. . . .

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