Generate 1 Million Magic Items!
By Bruce R. Cordell and Mike Selinker with Doug Beyer and Mark A. Jindra

Howz It Work?

These million-plus magical items come to you through the magic of combinatorials. Combinatorials are the "one-from-column-A, one-from-column-B" style of choosing characteristics for your items. We've taken these columns and produced an online version of The Awakening's many pages of magic item generator charts.

Each item has up to three parts: a prefix, a root, and a suffix. A prefix is a cool-sounding adjective, such as "jagged" or "slayer's." A root is the noun that specifies the type of base item, such as "great helm" or "brandistock". And the suffix is a possessive or attributive phrase, like "of speed" or "of the whale" (and we know you want that one).

All these prefixes, roots, and suffixes appear on a series of tables, and each word or phrase gives the item a unique property, such as "+1 to hit" or "+5 to all ability scores." Using The Awakening, you roll a fistful of dice for each item, and come out with something that you'll probably never roll again. So when your amazon PC gets her hands on a savage pilum of regeneration, you can be pretty sure that your friend's amazon doesn't have one too.

You can't take on the legions of Hell with just a rusty dagger. You're gonna need some firepower, and that's where the magic items section of Diablo II: The Awakening adventure and sourcebook comes in. Every chest, barrel, and hacked-up monster has a chance of yielding powerful items for use in your fight against evil. Let's say, a million of them...

Yes, The Awakening contains more than a million magical items -- and now so does our website. Our online magic item generator puts you only one click away from the greatest magical arsenal you've ever dreamed of, ready to wield in your Diablo II or standard D&D game!

New features include:

  • Level selection: Do you want a mundane item, a "nightmare" item, or one straight from hell?
  • Dungeon level selection: As you move deeper into the caverns of death, the rewards get better. Selecting your dungeon level (1 to 20) ensures that the item you're rolling up suits the hazards awaiting you.

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Download the Item Generator for use on your machine. Unzip into a filder and run index.htm in your browser. Works best with Internet Explorer 6+ or Safari on a Mac.

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