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Battle of the (War)bands
Good vs Good

Let's first look back to our last poll, asking for your final CE choice:

Choice 1 (Balor): 51.9%
Choice 2 (Vlaakith the Lich Queen): 48.1%

It's the semi-finals! These two commanders are both eager to represent the cause of Good. Which commander will fight against the best Evil has to offer? You decide -- and be sure to check the ongoing brackets, to see how far your warband has advanced!


Representing Lawful Good, this titan-commander leads a warband with multiple, powerful debuffs. With a Slaying Arrow to threaten from afar and a brutal melee attack to destroy opponents close in, the Solar is dangerous all over the board.

  • Solar
  • Kolyarut
  • Aramil, Adventurer
  • Sacred Watcher
  • Lantern Bearer
  • Aasimar Fighter
  • Man at Arms

Storm Silverhand

Chaotic Good is represented by Storm Silverhand. Her cadre of powerful archers can bring down fodder and weaken approaching beaters while they march across the board. Truly, opponents will be "fighting in the shade." Whatever survives the hail of arrows will be left to deal with the Dragonkith and Storm herself in melee.

  • Storm Silverhand
  • Half-Elf Bow Initiate
  • Storm Archer
  • Elf Dragonkith
  • Graycloak Ranger (with Wolf minion)
  • Arcanix Guard
  • Crested Felldrake
Which Good warband moves on?
Storm Silverhand

The Brackets

Quarter Finals Semi Finals Final
Purple Dragon Knight
Drizzt, Drow Ranger
Storm Silverhand
Storm Silverhand
Pit Fiend
Pit Fiend
Lord Soth
Vlaakich the Lich Queen

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