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Battle of the (War)bands
Chaotic Evil Concludes

It's week 12 of Battle of the Warbands -- time to select the CE "finishing" pieces. But first, let's look back to last week's poll, asking for your LE finishing choices:

Pit Fiend

Choice 3: Azer Raider x3, Goblin Skirmisher x2: 44.0%
Choice 1: Greenspawn Sneak, Warrior Skeleton x5: 35.4%
Choice 2: Sahuagin Ranger, Goblin Skirmisher x2: 20.6%

Lord Soth

Choice 2: Large Duergar, Inspired Shock Trooper, Goblin Skirmisher x4: 38.5%
Choice 3: Large Ice Elemental, Dire Rat, Goblin Skirmisher x2: 32.3%
Choice 1: Blood of Vol Divinity Seeker, Warrior Skeleton x4: 29.2%

Having picked a few key pieces for each commander's warband, we now ask you to choose the rest of the units they'll lead, rounding out each warband to 200 points. This week, we finish up the Chaotic Evil warbands.

Vlaakith the Lich Queen's Warband

  • Thrall of Blackrazor
  • Cursed Spirit

Choice 1: Caller in Darkness, Orc Skeleton, Warrior Skeleton x3 (200 pts, 8 activations)
The Caller in Darkness's Steal Essence ability works well with Vlaakith's paralyzing melee attacks, and its psionics can eliminate enemy screeners for her disintegrate spell or soften up enemey beaters for Blackrazor. The skeleton fodder units all benefit from Vlaakith's command effect, making them more potent.

Choice 2: Vampire Dire Wolf, Quaggoth Slave, Warrior Skeleton x3 (200 pts, 8 activations)
Under command of Vlaakith, the Vampire Dire Wolf does a whopping 30 magic damage per attack. With DR5, Life Drain, and Stunning Attack, it will stick around to make several such attacks. The fearless Quaggoth is useful for finishing off enemy units paralyzed by Vlaakith.

Choice 3: Zombie White Dragon, Xen'drik Champion, Hyena, Warrior Skeleton (200 pts, 7 activations)
Zombie White Dragons have plenty of HP and a great attack bonus, but with Slow Attack, they prefer that enemies come to them. Vlaakith's battery of spells, combined with the Xen'drik Champion's ranged attacks, encourage the enemy warband to do just that.

Which key piece does Vlaakith the Lich Queen receive?
Choice 1
Choice 2
Choice 3

Balor's Warband

  • Ogre Ravager
  • Orc Wardrumer

Choice 1: Orc Wizard, Troglodyte Thug, Quaggoth Slave, Orc Warrior (200 points, 7 activations)
The Orc Wizard's dolorous blow spell works with the Balor's Vicious Attack ability to allow 60-damage critical hits 15% of the time, and his fireburst can be used near the Balor and Ravager without much concern. The Troglodyte's Stench combines with the Ravager's Aura of Fear and the Wardrummer's Intimidating Drumbeat to reduce enemy morale saves by -8, hopefully triggering the Balor's Enslave.

Choice 2: Blood Ghost Berserker, Timber Wolf, Orc Warrior x2 (200 points, 7 activations)
The Blood Ghost Berserker hits just as hard as the Ogre Ravager. With higher speed and a smaller base, he is much more mobile than the Ravager, allowing him to easily flank or reach a wounded unit that has retreated. As a Fearless unit, he will stick around even with the Balor's low commander rating.

Choice 3: Mounted Drow Patrol, Deathlock, Orc Warrior x3 (200 points, 8 activations)
Wall walker and Mounted Melee Attack combine to make the Drow Patrol a hard unit to pin down It can make hit and run attacks while staying near the safety of the Balor and Ravager. The Deathlock's cause fear spells discourage enemy fodder from entering the area of the Balor's command effect, and its magic missiles help soften up opposing units from afar

Which key piece does the Balor receive?
Choice 1
Choice 2
Choice 3
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