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Battle of the (War)bands
Lawful Good Concludes

It's week 10 of Battle of the Warbands -- time to select the LG "finishing" piece. But first, let's look back to last week's poll, asking for your CG finishing choices:


Choice 2: Guenhwyvar; Graycloak Ranger (with Wolf minion); Xeph Warrior x 2: 47.7%
Choice 1: Rikka, Angelic Avenger; Aramil, Adventurer; Jozan, Cleric of Pelor; Xeph Warrior x 2: 31.4%
Choice 3: Bralani Eladrin; Mialee, Elf Wizard; Lidda, Halfing Rogue; Xeph Warrior x 3: 20.9%

Storm Silverhand

Choice 1: Elf Dragonkith; Graycloak Ranger (with Wolf minion); Arcanix Guard; Crested Felldrake: 41.5%
Choice 3: Bralani Eladrin; Crow Shaman; Xeph Warrior x 2: 32.6%
Choice 2: Frenzied Berserker; Mialee, Elf Wizard; Xeph Warrior x 3: 25.8%

Having picked a few key pieces for each commander's warband, we now ask you to choose the rest of the units they'll lead, rounding out each warband to 200 points. This week, we finish up the Lawful Good warbands.

Solar's Warband

  • Kolyarut
  • Aramil, Adventurer

Sacred Watcher; Lantern Bearer; Aasimar Fighter; Man at Arms (200 pts, 8 activations)
This build punishes evil opponents, as the Lantern Bearer's Mystic Light stacks with the Solar's command effect to give evil foes an effective -4 to hit. The incorporeal Sacred Watcher enjoys another 50% miss chance on top of that, allowing it to stick around long enough to do significant damage to your opponent.

Choice 2: Xorn; Mialee, Elf Wizard; Man at Arms x 2 (199 pts, 7 activations)
The Xorn has great damage output for its cost but can struggle to hit high AC opponents. Mialee's magic weapon spell will help here, and if an opponent has fallen victim to the Kolyarut's hold monster spell, the Xorn can do an automatic 60 damage with a full attack.

Choice 3: Dwarf Artificer; Warforged Scout; Aasimar Fighter x 2 (200 pts, 7 activations)
The Dwarf Artificer's legion's shield of faith spell gives +2 AC to every unit in the band, helping the Solar and Kolyarut stay alive longer. Greater magic weapon makes sure they're hitting even high-AC opponents regularly. The durable Warforged Scout provides assault points from the very first round and can be tough to remove.

Which key piece does the Solar receive?
Choice 1
Choice 2
Choice 3

Purple Dragon Knight's Warband

  • Arcane Ballista
  • War Weaver

Justice Archon x 2; Jozan, Cleric of Pelor; Man at Arms x 2 (200 pts, 8 activations)
Justice Archons are Bold, allowing the Purple Dragon Knight to cast his fear cone right through them without a problem. Their Justice Strike ability also provides a good alternate threat to your opponent, taking some heat away from the Ballista. Jozan, as a spellcaster, can operate the Ballista in a pinch.

Choice 2: Maug; Sacred Watcher; Warforged Scout; Jozan, Cleric of Pelor; Man at Arms (200 pts, 8 activations)
The Maug's large base and construct immunities make it a perfect blocker for the Ballista, while the Sacred Watcher can easily flank opponents to improve the odds that the Maug will land its melee attacks. The reliable Warforged Scout combines with the massive ranged threat of the Ballista to put your opponent on a clock early in the match.

Choice 3: Dwarf Sniper; Hammerer x 2; Aasimar Fighter; Jozan, Cleric of Pelor (200 pts, 8 activations)
Opponents faced with a Ballista often try to hide their units behind walls and terrain features as they advance. Adding a Dwarf Sniper to the band makes this difficult, because the Scout ability can allow ranged attacks from an entirely different angle. The two fearless Hammerers provide solid blockers to keep opponents away from the Ballista, and they swing for 20 damage apiece after benefiting from the War Weaver's bull's strength spell.

Which key piece does Purple Dragon Knight receive?
Choice 1
Choice 2
Choice 3
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