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Battle of the (War)bands
Chaotic Evil Key

It's week 8 of Battle of the Warbands -- time to select the CE "key" piece. But first, let's look back to last week's poll, asking for your LE key choices:

Pit Fiend

Choice 1: Ice Devil: 38.4%
Choice 3: Justicator: 34.8%
Choice 2: Mezzoloth: 26.8%

Lord Soth

Choice 2: Beholder Lich: 48.9%
Choice 1: Large Green Dragon: 31.2%
Choice 3: Chraal, Dark Moon Monk: 20.0%

Now that each faction has its pair of commanders, it's time to select the warbands they'll lead.

There will be two weeks of voting for each faction's warbands. In the first week, you'll choose the style and goals of the faction's warbands by picking a few key pieces to take the bands in a particular direction. In the second week of voting, you'll finish the warbands by adding support pieces, secondary beaters, and fodder.

This week, pick one option for each Chaotic Evil commander:

Vlaakith the Lich Queen's Warband

Choice 1: Large Red Dragon (38 points left)
Enemies without fire resistance will suffer greatly from the combination of Vlaakith's fireball spell and the Large Red Dragon's breath weapon. The boost Vlaakith's command effect gives to the dragon's melee damage should allow the pair to mop up whatever survives the inferno.

Choice 2: Thrall of Blackrazor, Cursed Spirit (67 points left)
Faced with the deadly arsenal of ranged spells Vlaakith possesses, your opponent may try to screen her important pieces with weak fodder -- units that can easily fall prey to the Thrall's Devour the Soul ability. The Cursed Spirit's aura ensures enemy creatures are less likely to pass their saves against Vlaakith's spells and Blackrazor's A New Thrall ability, and the Spirit benefits from Vlaakith's command effect as well.

Choice 3: Zombie White Dragon, Githyanki Fighter (49 points left)
Blocking with the Zombie White Dragon's large bulk and high hit point total should provide Vlaakith plenty of time to fire off spells before melee is joined. The Githyanki Fighter can cast blur on Vlaakith to increase her melee survivability, and magic missile to remove screening fodder so that Vlaakith's spells can hit better targets. Both units also benefit from Vlaakith's command effect in melee.

Which key piece does the Vlaakith the Lich Queen receive?
Choice 1
Choice 2
Choice 3

Balor's Warband

Choice 1: Green Slaad, Cursed Spirit (53 points left)
The Green Slaad's fireball and chaos hammer spells can be targeted on the Balor without harming it, but your opponent's creatures may not be so lucky. Also, the Slaad's cone of fear can provide multiple chances for opposing creatures to fall under the sway of the Balor's Enslave ability, especially when the Cursed Spirit is nearby.

Choice 2: Chimera (55 points left)
With its Lion's Roar ability, the Chimera can help the Balor Enslave enemy units, and its breath weapon's long range threatens opposing support units and weaker commanders. Because the Balor and the Chimera both fly, your opponent cannot rely on terrain or melee beaters to block access to weaker units.

Choice 3: Ogre Ravager, Orc Wardrummer (48 points left)
The ogre's massive melee damage can force most enemy units to make a morale check in one hit, while its Aura of Fear makes those checks more difficult. The Orc Wardrummer can use Intimidating Drumbeat to further increase the chance of Enslaving an enemy, or beat Resistance to increase friendly morale saves.

Which key piece does the Balor receive?
Choice 1
Choice 2
Choice 3
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