Battle of the (War)bands
Lawful Evil Key

It's week 7 of Battle of the Warbands -- time to select the LE "key" piece. But first, let's look back to last week's poll, asking for your CG key choices:


Choice 2: Tordek, Dwarf Champion: 44.9%
Choice 1: Ulmo Lightbringer: 28.9%
Choice 3: Rask, Half-Orc Chainfighter: 26.2%

Storm Silverhand

Choice 1: Half-Elf Bow Initiate + Storm Archer: 38.0%
Choice 3: Slayer of Domiel + Valenar Nomad Charger: 34.0%
Choice 2: Elf Warmage + Gnome Trickster: 28.0%

Now that each faction has its pair of commanders, it's time to select the warbands they'll lead.

There will be two weeks of voting for each faction's warbands. In the first week, you'll choose the style and goals of the faction's warbands by picking a few key pieces to take the bands in a particular direction. In the second week of voting, you'll finish the warbands by adding support pieces, secondary beaters, and fodder.

This week, pick one option for each Lawful Evil commander:

Pit Fiend's Warband

Choice 1: Ice Devil (21 points left)
Ice Devils are titans in their own right, and when granted the bonus from a Pit Fiend's command effect, they are even more formidable. By adding ice storm and cone of cold to the warband, the Ice Devil increases the number of attack spells your opponent must survive, and the Slow effect on the gelugon's melee attack helps keep enemy beaters' damage output low.

Choice 2: Mezzoloth (51 points left)
If ice is not your thing, but you'd still like a radus 4 spell to stack on top of the Pit Fiend's fireball, try the Mezzoloth's cloudkill for size. While not as powerful as the Ice Devil, the Mezzoloth is no pushover in melee and gains the same benefit form the Pit Fiend's command effect. All that comes at significantly fewer points, offering more room for additional units in the band.

Choice 3: Justicator (47 points left)
As a flying creature with Reach 2, the Justicator can easily reach soft support units hiding in the rear of your opponent's warband, and his great attack bonuses ensure he rarely misses. That, plus the additional melee damage provided by the Pit Fiend's command effect, makes the Justicator a formidable combat unit.

Which key piece does the Pit Fiend receive?
Choice 1
Choice 2
Choice 3

Lord Soth's Warband

Choice 1: Large Green Dragon (51 points left)
Soth's melee attacks pack quite a wallop, but he struggles to hit high ACs with his relatively low attack bonuses. The Large Green Dragon's Devious Strategy ability helps mitigate this problem by granting a +4 bonus to hit a flanked enemy. Also, the dragon's breath weapon combined with Soth's Abyssal Blast ensures that enemies won't reach melee unscathed -- or maybe at all.

Choice 2: Beholder Lich (38 points left)
As an undead commander, Lord Soth can be healed by the beholder's inflict eye rays, keeping him in the fight longer. The Beholder Lich also makes Soth's slow speed less of a problem by adding a potent ranged threat to the band, and all for fewer points than a living beholder.

Choice 3: Chraal, Dark Moon Monk (52 points left)
Chraals are tough, cold-immune beasts with DR and a nice list of immunities thanks to their type, just like Lord Soth. Soth's high command rating should make sure the Chraal fights to the end, eventually exploding in a devastating death burst. A Dark Moon Monk provides much-needed magic weapon spells to both hitters and can grab assault points, too.

Which key piece does Lord Soth receive?
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Choice 3

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