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Battle of the (War)bands
Chaotic Good Key

It's week 6 of Battle of the Warbands -- time to select the CG "key" piece. But first, let's look back to last week's poll, asking for your LG key choices:


Choice 1: Kolyarut + Aramil, Adventurer: 46.9%
Choice 3: Dragonmarked Heir of Deneith + Dwarf Artificer: 29.1%
Choice 2: Tordek, Dwarf Champion: 24.0%

Purple Dragon Knight

Choice 2: Arcane Ballista + War Weaver: 46.5%
Choice 1: Maug + Justice Archon x 2: 38.0%
Choice 3: Iron Golem + Dragonmarked Heir of Deneith: 15.6%

Now that each faction has its pair of commanders, it's time to select the warbands they'll lead.

There will be two weeks of voting for each faction's warbands. In the first week, you'll choose the style and goals of the faction's warbands by picking a few key pieces to take the bands in a particular direction. In the second week of voting, you'll finish the warbands by adding support pieces, secondary beaters, and fodder.

This week, pick one option for each Chaotic Good commander:

Drizzt's Warband

Choice 1: Ulmo Lightbringer (36 points left)
Ulmo relies upon a combination of stunning and sneak attacks to earn his keep. When following Drizzt into battle, these become even more deadly and reliable. With high speed, a ranged attack, and Mobility, this pair can choose whom to engage and when to do so.

Choice 2: Tordek, Dwarf Champion (54 points left)
With high attack bonuses hitting for big damage, Tordek personifies the melee-beater ideal. Add in the bonuses provided by Drizzt's commander effect, and you have a tank that can quickly bring down any enemy within reach.

Choice 3: Rask, Half-Orc Chainfighter (61 points left)
Rask's Reach 2 and fast speed give him a good threat range, and his stunning attack can keep an important enemy out of the battle for a key round. When fighting close to Drizzt, Rask enjoys two reliable attacks for good damage, all for a reasonable point cost.

Which key piece does Drizzt receive?
Choice 1
Choice 2
Choice 3

Storm Silverhand's Warband

Choice 1: Half-Elf Bow Initiate + Storm Archer (67 points left)
Storm's ranged attacks and line of Silver Fire give her a long threat range. Adding two potent archers for her to lead increases this threat, forcing opponents to deal with a hail of arrows every round as they slog across the battlefield. As elves, both of these archers are Fearless when within 6 squares of Storm Silverhand.

Choice 2: Elf Warmage + Gnome Trickster (74 points left)
The Gnome Trickster's invisibility sphere spell adds amazing tactical flexibility to Storm's band, and the Elf Warmage adds a deep reservoir of arcane attack spells. Together, they allow optimal placement of magical cone and line effects to destroy all enemy fodder and greatly weaken enemy beaters.

Choice 3: Slayer of Domiel + Valenar Nomad Charger (61 points left)
When Storm casts fly on a Valenar Nomad Charger, the result is a series of devastating hit-and-run attacks on enemy units as they approach. If this softening-up allows the Slayer of Domiel to bring down a wounded enemy, her Marked Target ability can end the battle in a hurry. As a bonus, both the Slayer and the Valenar gain Fearless from Storm's commander effect.

Which key piece does Storm Silverhand receive?
Choice 1
Choice 2
Choice 3
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