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Battle of the (War)bands
Lawful Good Key

It's week 5 of Battle of the Warbands -- time to select the LG "key" piece. But first, let's look back to last week's poll, asking for your CE commander choices:

Vlaakith the Lich Queen: 42.9%
Balor: 19.8%
Tiefling Captain: 12.1%
Eye of Gruumsh: 7.2%
Mordenkainen the Mage: 5.8%
Drow Sergeant: 5.1%
Orc Druid: 4.3%
Hill Giant Chieftain: 2.8%

Now that each faction has its pair of commanders, it's time to select the warbands they'll lead.

There will be two weeks of voting for each faction's warbands. In the first week, you'll choose the style and goals of the faction's warbands by picking a few key pieces to take the bands in a particular direction. In the second week of voting, you'll finish the warbands by adding support pieces, secondary beaters, and fodder.

This week, pick one option for each Lawful Good commander:

Solar's Warband

Choice 1: Kolyarut + Aramil, Adventurer (37 points left)
A "debuff" strategy, adding these units allows you to reduce the opponent's attack bonuses, damage, and saves. Opposing creatures are more likely to fail the save on the Solar's Slaying Arrow after being hit by the Kolyarut's no-save Enervation Ray, and Aramil's Ray of Enfeeblement will reduce the melee output of whatever enemy units are left.

Choice 2: Tordek, Dwarf Champion (36 points left)
A straight-ahead melee build, adding Tordek provides a second high-damage beater to supplement the Solar's already high melee damage output. Any enemy that suffers a full attack from these two units should be dispatched in short order.

Choice 3: Dragonmarked Heir of Deneith + Dwarf Artificer (40 points left)
Sometimes a good defense is the best offense. Taking this track will keep your Solar on the board longer by adding a bodyguard, an elemental immunity, and +2 AC to his defenses.

Which key piece does the Solar receive?
Choice 1
Choice 2
Choice 3

Purple Dragon Knight's Warband

Choice 1: Maug + Justice Archon x 2 (50 points left)
Maugs and Justice Archons are fearless (or Bold), which allows the Purple Dragon Knight to cast his cone of Fear right through them. Both units are also sturdy melee beaters with good defensive abilities.

Choice 2: Arcane Ballista + War Weaver (74 points left)
Building a ranged warband means the Purple Dragon Knight's slow speed isn't a problem -- your opponent will be coming to you. As a spellcaster, the Knight can operate the ballista, and as a construct, it's immune to his Fear cone. The War Weaver adds Snake's Swiftness for extra ballista shots and Dimension Hop to set up those shots from unexpected angles.

Choice 3: Iron Golem + Dragonmarked Heir of Deneith (60 points left)
A risky "titan" build, this option adds the durable and fearless Iron Golem as the main source of damage output. Because the Golem has Requires Commander, a bodyguard with Protection from Energy is needed to keep the Knight alive longer.

Which key piece does the Purple Dragon Knight receive?
Choice 1
Choice 2
Choice 3
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