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Creature Competition: Dragons
Selecting the Talent
06/13/2006 -- 06/19/2006

Last time, we asked you to vote on your favorite "Odd Dragons". The results are in, with Korosagra moving on to the upcoming Creature Competition!

Korosagra: Kensai Monk Mountain Landwyrm
Leagues above the Great Dwarven Hall, Korosagra stands fast, throwing fist, forearm, head and knee against a lonely peak in the Razorspine Mountains. In a rhythm that could shame many a bard, granite knuckles pound against granite mountainside, fists crackling with arcane energies. Relentlessly, Korosagra practices his strikes for hours (days depending on which dwarf you ask) perfecting his art. In an instant, Korosagra yields his barrage against his unknowing opponent, and stands tall on his hind legs. Throwing his arms wide, forcing his massive chest outward, he releases a low roar, and a crack from his back (sounding much like a mighty oak snapping) reverberates through the mountains and valley below. Standing frozen for a moment, he gracefully drops to all fours, and swiftly disappears behind an adjacent peak to rest in his deep cave.

Atop a mountain in the distance, a master monk mimics Korosagra's pattern against a granite pillar, his students ever watchful. After completing his demonstration the teacher says briskly: "This is what is required of you for tomorrow’s Ascension Exam," and starts down the mountain alone. After an hour of quiet reflection the students head back to their monastery, inspired by the sight of their discipline's founder and with new confidence that they will pass their final test.
-- Helian

"Best of the Seconds" Dragons

Black Dragons
Aluxulinurilian, “Blackfire”: Black Dragon Cleric

Aluxulinurilian is a strange specimen: a black dragon that is not evil. A competing flight of copper dragons wiped out Aluxulinurilian's entire flight. When the winners went to salvage items from the black dragons’ swamp, they found many eggs; the leader of the coppers wanted to determine if an evil creature could be raised to be good, and brought the eggs back to their hills. Aluxulinurilian has since made many friends among the copper children too young to know about the war, and has grown to be, if not exactly a paladin, at least not evil. She found an aptitude for drawing upon her spirit and shaping the energy into spells, and now follows the path of a cleric.
-- Watchdog of Hades

Blue Dragons
Godom: Sand Dragon Cleric/Walker of the Waste/Dry Lich

As the sands of time slip through the hourglass of the ages, so does Godom's domain increase… for this undead dragon wants nothing more than to cover the world with the blistering sands he rules. With eternity on his side he has no doubt that it will be so. Though his immortality came from a fear of aging past his prime, he now uses it to expand his territory. Thus, as the sands flow from his domain, his followers increase as well; for as each city is overtaken by his desert, its inhabitants are turned to his salt mummy slaves, while his sand golems not only guard his phylactery but are also the generals of his undead army.
-- garthBEY

Brass/Bronze Dragons
Setherus: Bronze Dragon Rogue/Fatespinner

Setherus is a bronze dragon with an unusual hobby -- gambling. And for a creature so steeped in the arcane, it's only natural to combine gambling with his magic. Setherus enjoys building his hoard by beating out high rollers of any race. He normally gambles with humanoids while in alternate form, but he's been known to wager against other dragons in lieu of open combat; he always prefers a conflict where he knows the odds. Of course, when he wins (and was it ever in doubt?), many dragons tend to grow upset and accuse him of cheating, or simply refuse to uphold their end of the deal. When that happens, his comprehension of probability becomes a survival skill. For you see, Setherus is also a Fatespinner.
-- Aubri

Vrr’ragath, Red Dragon Dracolich Disciple of Ashardalon

Vrr’ragath keeps his lair deep within the fires of a massive volcano, surrounded by marshlands ruled by a powerful tribe of lizardfolk. Though they are powerful, Vrr’ragath still inspires terror in these locals, from whom he demands tribute; in addition to gold pillaged from nearby farms, they regularly bring him monitor lizards as a sacrifice, which he uses to ensure that he can take a new form in the unlikely event his body is ever destroyed. Vrr’ragath’s phylactery is a box constructed from his own scales, which contains within it Vrr’ragath’s demonic heart. This box is magically sealed and completely immune to all fire and heat damage—Vrr’ragath chose what he saw as the safest place for it: the bottom of his volcano’s magma chamber.
-- ajdragonfire

Gemstone Dragons
Radiancesstia, "Radiance": Half Celestial Sapphire Dragon

Born between her diamond dragon mother and an unknown celestial, Radiance is a living piece of art. Her deep azure scales glow with a clear, almost divine light. She lives her life by her own code of ethics—and can be a boon companion as well as an implacable enemy, in equal parts. In her 500 years of life, Radiance has had no luck yet finding out who her true father is; there are whisperings that she may be an offspring of Bahamut himself, due her inborn majestic bearing. From her comfortable lair, she builds her powers and bides her time, striving to find this, the greatest of truths.
-- arrif

Gold Dragons
Injulah: Pseudonatural Gold Dragon

Injulah once was a great and noble Gold Dragon, loved by many and hated by all evil doers. So noble was the Gold that, when approached with an injustice, Injulah would quickly right it. Once, Injulah, the magnificent and powerful, was approached by a group of desperate adventurers. They told the Gold of the Ithillid threat, how the dark and alien Mind Flayers were terrorizing the good people of the world. The Drake immediately sought the destruction of this race of brain eaters. It engaged them in battle, but never in Injulah's long years had the Drake seen such a vicious foe: the Gold had seen the rise and fall of Empires, the death of many a humanoids, but nothing like this. Eventually, Injulah sought a loremaster. The loremaster explained to Injulah the reason for the existence of the Mind Flayers, and told the Drake that the secret to the defeat of the Ithilids could only be found in the dark plane known as the Far Realm.

Injulah, fearless as ever, entered the Far Realm. After the Drake entered, he disappeared for years. Eventually the Ithillids were defeated, and Injulah all but forgotten. Finally, almost 700 years after the end of the Ithilid war, Injulah emerged....changed.
-- lightman

Green Dragons
Wizal: Half-Celestial Green Dragon

Wizal’s wings are not so draconic as they are angelic; his impossibly huge wingspan is filled with pure white feathers that glow with an ever illuminant celestial light. He has now seen a millennium, and has spent the last thousand year’s devoting his life to killing evil chromatics. Still, he always gives them one warning to repent before relentlessly assaulting those dragons who embrace the evil he hates. His vigilant crusade against the forces of wickedness will continue until he dies or all evil is eradicated from the world.
-- Talkingbeatles

Necromantic Dragons
Apaciblespíritu: Ghostly Gold Dragon

Deep beneath a lake there lies a ruined library with walls of magically strengthened glass. Within this library is the spirit of a gold dragon who refers to himself as Apaciblespíritu. If anyone has the means to enter his library, Apac will gladly help with their plight, and even lend out a book or two for a good cause. However, if anyone disrespects Apac or his books, he will fly into a rage and stop at nothing to destroy the insubordinate culprit—the only safety from which lies outside his library, for he will not leave its glass walls.
-- Hedstrong

Odd Dragons
Yarzasi-Korin: Spellwarped Rust Dragon

Hatched upon the iron battlefields of Acheron, Yarzasi-Korin's first taste of metal was an enchanted blade. From that first meal of magic, the rust dragon came to disdain all mundane ore. As he has grown in power, his hunger for magic has become so great that he craves it above all else. Yarzasi-Korin seeks only the choicest items and most sumptuous magical flavors to satisfy his palate. To this end, he battles the greatest spellcasters amongst Acheron's endless wars, challenging opponents of any species or allegiance to a test of mystic mettle. To his delight, he finds the arrogance of his fellow wyrms more than capable of providing an unintended feast...
-- Slagger the Chuul

Ar'gth, "Wrestler of Halfings": Pseudodragon Reaping Mauler

In the land of blind the one-eyed man rules. Ar'gth is a champion among pseudodragons. Even as an infant he could easily out grapple any cat thrown at him. As an adult there was no pseudodragon who did not fear this 23-pound monster of a pseudodragon.

Red Dragons
Harenspar, “The Merchant Dragon”: Red Dragon Merchant

Harenspar is a red dragon with a different outlook. Much calmer and more patient that most reds, he's discovered a new way to increase his hoard: capitalism. Using his superior intelligence, a number of created personas, and more than a little corporate espionage, he's forged a vast mercantile empire that deals in everything from elven poetry to human lives. If it's capable of making a profit, he's going to be involved.
-- Ogre4Hire

Shadow Dragons
Shintarraskain, "Kain": Abyssal Drake Warlock

Kain was hatched in the Abyss, his egg the only survivor of a massive chaos storm. As soon as the drake pulled his way free from his shell, however, he was discovered by an enterprising balor. Captured and chained within the confines of the demon's castle, he was later used as a mount for other demons when he grew strong, or as a breeding tool for more of his kind. Kain displayed unusual patience at his predicament, and instead of struggling worthlessly, he listened quietly to the demons, picking up news from the lesser fiends about the constantly shifting power struggles. He would have been content to spend a few decades there, biding his time and gathering information, were it not for a pair of powerful adventurers who snuck into the palace and slew his "owner."
-- Nightfall, Lord of Shadow

Silver Dragons
Shariliraxima: Silver Dracolich Blackguard/Thrall of Orcus

It should have been a simple quest. The townspeople had told her of the dark, ruined temple from which strange undead creatures would emerge and take their children. None who had entered to quell the evil within had returned. With righteous fury, the young and impetuous paladin, confident in her abilities and Bahamut's grace, strode forth to destroy the darkness.

She failed.

The ancient lichlord who called the temple home ruthlessly defeated Shariliraxima. But instead of killing her, he proceeded to destroy her mind and bring her over to worship of his dark master, Orcus. Renouncing her former status as a paladin of Bahamut, she gave herself over to the worship of the foul demonlord and, as her first act of worship, proceeded to destroy the town and kill everyone in it. Over the years, she has joined her teacher as a lich and given herself, body and soul, to the demon prince of the undead.
-- MiloBloom

White Dragons
Cyrnothraxis, “The North Wind”: Advanced Multiheaded White Dragon Sorcerer/ Stormcaster/Dragon Ascendant

Cyrnothraxis has, over the course of a millennia and a half, changed the face of an entire continent and obliterated one of the most promising empires of the north. Scholars who have studied wyrms speculate that her second head may in fact be a gift from the queen of all evil dragons, Tiamat, and that Cyrnothraxis is a scion sent to rule the material plane in Tiamat's name.
-- Ashtaroth

Yarzasi-Korin: 14.6%
Argth: 12.7%
Cyrnothraxis: 8.4%
Injulah: 8.4%
Godom: 8.0%
Shariliraxima: 7.8%
Radiancesstia: 6.8%
Aluxulinurilian: 6.0%
Vrrragath: 5.5%
Harenspar: 5.3%
Shintarraskain: 5.0%
Setherus: 4.7%
Wizal: 4.1%
Apaciblespíritu: 3.0%

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