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Creature Competition: Dragons
Selecting the Talent
06/06/2006 -- 06/12/2006

Last time, we asked you to vote on your favorite gold dragon. The results are in, with Foda moving on (or rather, stumbling on) to the upcoming Creature Competition!

Foda: 33.5%
Injulah: 24.7%
Thalaraak: 14.1%
Trancantelama: 13.2%
Galdronnal: 9.6%
Slurugana: 4.8%

Foda, “The Sloppy”: Gold Dragon Monk/Rogue/Drunken Master
Foda hatched in the high peaks above a monastery. Parentless and alone, he watched the monks in the practice yards to slake his loneliness, even mimicking their kata and meditation rituals. One autumn, the master of the monastery hiked to the top of the mountain and discovered Foda. He invited the gold to formally train, promising to do his best to adapt the lessons for a dragon. Foda accepted and for another two generations earned his tenth belt from the master and his descendants.
-- Dragna the Claw

This week we look back at the many of your nominations that could not fill a full category of their own—and have come to occupy their own category, affectionately known as the odd dragons!

In the weeks ahead, we’ll be asking you to vote on your favorite entry within a given category (your favorite dracolich of the bunch, favorite brass dragon, etc.). Once we’ve narrowed the list of competitors, we’ll kick off the head-to-head bracket portion of our Creature Competition: Year of Dragons!

Odd Dragons

Aitor: Force Dragon Argent Savant
Aitor has more power than nearly any dragon in existence, but he has no interest in fighting or conquest. Instead, he has embarked on making his one and only dream a reality: Using force spells of immense power to create a true homeland for his kind -- an Elemental Plane of Force. Aitor uses force-tweaked creation spells as the basis for the plane, then uses sculpted walls of force to shape landscape. He has yet to finish developing a number of epic force spells. Occasionally he visits the Material Plane in an attempt to gain worship from force-using mages and so become a god. If successful, he will make his godly domain on the Plane of Force and so be able to speed up the process of creation.
-- speeblefreak

Chronospell: Advanced Paragon Temporal Drake Sorcerer
As far as anyone knows, Chronospell has been around since the beginning of time. Nobody, not even true dragons, remembers a time when they didn't know of him. Nor does anyone know his true name, though some speculate that he is, in fact, the creator of time itself and his name is tied to how old the universe is, constantly changing. Nobody knows for sure, however. Only that on a massive demiplane, stretching forever in all directions, lives his flight, consisting entirely of temporal drakes with at least some magical skill.
-- Watchdog of Hades

Korjilyn, “Lord of Wyverns”: Paragon Advanced Wyvern Totemist
The Lord of Wyverns is a living example of why the term “lesser dragon” is utterly false. A great leader of wyvernkind, Korjilyn has slain countless true dragons and claimed their hordes and lands in his name, and is now rising to a greater cause. Korjilyn knows that the true path to power is not to feed on lesser creatures as the larger dragons do, but to draw on their combined strength. Leading a united force of humanoid, beast and drake, the Lord of Wyverns knows he can destroy “true” dragonkind once and for all. As a measure of his devotion to this cause, Korjilyn found himself able to channel the power of the magical beasts of the world. Now, with the power of a horde of living, dead and unborn magical beasts flowing through his very being, nothing can stand in his way.
-- ieattrollsforbreakfast

Korosagra: Kensai Monk Mountain Landwyrm
Leagues above the Great Dwarven Hall, Korosagra stands fast, throwing fist, forearm, head and knee against a lonely peak in the Razorspine Mountains. In a rhythm that could shame many a bard, granite knuckles pound against granite mountainside, fists crackling with arcane energies. Relentlessly, Korosagra practices his strikes for hours (days depending on which dwarf you ask) perfecting his art. In an instant, Korosagra yields his barrage against his unknowing opponent, and stands tall on his hind legs. Throwing his arms wide, forcing his massive chest outward, he releases a low roar, and a crack from his back (sounding much like a mighty oak snapping) reverberates through the mountains and valley below. Standing frozen for a moment, he gracefully drops to all fours, and swiftly disappears behind an adjacent peak to rest in his deep cave.

Atop a mountain in the distance, a master monk mimics Korosagra's pattern against a granite pillar, his students ever watchful. After completing his demonstration the teacher says briskly: "This is what is required of you for tomorrow’s Ascension Exam," and starts down the mountain alone. After an hour of quiet reflection the students head back to their monastery, inspired by the sight of their discipline's founder and with new confidence that they will pass their final test.
-- Helian

Lynsynthressa: Song Dragon Bard/Seeker of the Song
Lynsynthressa, or "Lyn" as she prefers to be called, is a weredragon who prefers to spend most of her time in human form. She lives for the sheer pleasure of life, not bothering to get involved in either the struggles or treasure-hoarding of other dragons or the troubles of shorter-lived races. She loves music above any other pleasure, and has devoted her life to seeking the most beautiful music in the world. Though she appears meek (and in fact by her race's standards she is still fairly young), her abilities are considerable, and perhaps most potent of them is her talent for persuasion.
-- Zevox

Tenkyuugi, “The Protector”: T'ien Lung Radiant Archdragon
Tenkyuugi was set by the Celestial Beaurocracy to protect a fairly small and seemingly unimportant island, populated mostly by spirit-folk. A dragon of immense power and evil known to those on the island as Ennetsujigoku tried to conquer the small island in hopes of having a new lair from which to attack the mainland. Each of these attacks was turned away by Tenkyuugi. To this day, the islanders offer up small tokens of appreciation and occasionally pearls, and pray to Tenkyuugi as though he were one of the kami. There is a yearly festival in his honor marking the anniversary of Ennetsujigoku's defeat.
-- Kitsune

Yarzasi-Korin: Spellwarped Rust Dragon
Hatched upon the iron battlefields of Acheron, Yarzasi-Korin's first taste of metal was an enchanted blade. From that first meal of magic, the rust dragon came to disdain all mundane ore. As he has grown in power, his hunger for magic has become so great that he craves it above all else. Yarzasi-Korin seeks only the choicest items and most sumptuous magical flavors to satisfy his palate. To this end, he battles the greatest spellcasters amongst Acheron's endless wars, challenging opponents of any species or allegiance to a test of mystic mettle. To his delight, he finds the arrogance of his fellow wyrms more than capable of providing an unintended feast...
-- Slagger the Chuul

Which odd dragon enters the Creature Competition?

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