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Creature Competition: Dragons
Selecting the Talent
05/16/2006 -- 05/22/2006

Last time, we asked you to vote on your favorite brass/bronze dragon. The results are in, with Rampart moving on to the upcoming Creature Competition!

Rampart: 39.6%
Setherus: 21.7%
Kiroth: 16.7%
Mosildeeth: 16.3%
Grubenakh: 5.6%

Rampart: Bronze Dragon Fighter/Paladin/Vassal of Bahamut/Dragonslayer
From his earliest days being raised by pious monks, to his career as a mount to a noble paladin, and then aspiring to paladinhood himself, Rampart has been driven by the mortal races to exemplify what's best in dragonkind. Although not the physical or mental equal of the greater dragons, Rampart saw what mortals were able to achieve in shorter time spans with drive and fire and devotion... and saw the need for such a fire as foes loomed all about. Furthermore, a great artifact was gifted to him by an ally for nothing more then as a reward for his valor and dedication; this artifact solved many of the imbalances he would encounter dealing with other dragons, for it was a relic of dragonkind known as a Torc of the Wyrm, gifting the dragon who wore it the physical powers. Rampart has disguised his artifact as a badge of service about his neck, sovereign glued to his scales.
-- Aelryinth

This week we continue with the metallics—and ask you to choose your favorite silver dragon!

In the weeks ahead, we’ll be asking you to vote on your favorite entry within a given category (your favorite dracolich of the bunch, favorite brass dragon, etc.). Once we’ve narrowed the list of competitors, we’ll kick off the head-to-head bracket portion of our Creature Competition: Year of Dragons!

Silver Dragons

Machtigespotvogel: Silver Dragon Bard/Jester
From an early age, Mac lived away from snowy peaks and among the gnomes of a warm rolling plain landscape. At every opportunity, he would spend time with the few copper dragons that lived nearby. Mac could not get enough of the gnomes’ prankster ways, learning everything he could. Eventually Mac became a very skilled jokester himself. When a traveling circus rolled through his territory, Mac could not resist taking human form and observing the performers; Mac performed for them as well, astounding them with his skills in juggling while singing. Mac made them all jump up to a rousing beat and cry to a mournful ballad. The troop begged Mac to join them… and so he did.
-- Hedstrong

Palsha, “The Platinum Emperor”: Sliver Dragon Samurai
Over the years Palsha’s great victories and honor granted him prestige as he aged and gained greater power. He revealed his draconic form to the local emperor, and pledged his loyalty as protector of the emperor’s family. After hundreds of years of loyal service, the imperial family died when evil dragons of the west stormed the palace. Palsha then slew them all, leading the empire’s fearless samurai against the fearsome dragon army. He then ascended the throne in order to stop the empire he loved from falling into chaos. Palsha eventually left the empire to his daughter, who was wisest of his children, and retired to a cave—finally succumbing to his dragon nature.
-- Balor von Balorvitch

Roland: Silver Dragon Paladin/Favored Soul of Hlal
Tallasaraald, as he was known before taking on the mantle of the human knight Roland, lived the life of a typical male silver dragon until the middle of his young adulthood. Like most of his kind, Roland enjoyed shapechanging immensely, often taking the form of some lesser creature (generally a handsome young human of perhaps two-score years) for months at a time. However, even after the most enjoyable of his sojourns in the realms of the non-dragons, Tallasaraald always returned to his lair in the mountains, and rejoiced at his reunion with his hoard, his cloud enshrouded mountain home, and his glorious dragon's form.
-- Aneul

Shariliraxima: Silver Dracolich Blackguard/Thrall of Orcus
It should have been a simple quest. The townspeople had told her of the dark, ruined temple from which strange undead creatures would emerge and take their children. None who had entered to quell the evil within had returned. With righteous fury, the young and impetuous paladin, confident in her abilities and Bahamut's grace, strode forth to destroy the darkness.

She failed.

The ancient lichlord who called the temple home ruthlessly defeated Shariliraxima. But instead of killing her, he proceeded to destroy her mind and bring her over to worship of his dark master, Orcus. Renouncing her former status as a paladin of Bahamut, she gave herself over to the worship of the foul demonlord and, as her first act of worship, proceeded to destroy the town and kill everyone in it. Over the years, she has joined her teacher as a lich and given herself, body and soul, to the demon prince of the undead.
-- MiloBloom

Sivaraak, “The Silver Rogue”: Silver Dragon Rogue
Sivaraak likes to take an active role in the world of mortals. Across the recent history of the world, he has assumed human form and robbed the houses of the rich and powerful. In this way, he increases his hoard and stays in touch with the human world. His powerful nature makes him hard to catch—it's not every thief that can summon a wind to harass his pursuers and blow away his tracks, or change into a bird to escape. Sivaraak has taken the lessons of his mortal life to heart, learning that tricks and guile work best when confronted with an equal or more powerful enemy, and attacking from behind whenever he can. More than one enemy has met his match, yelling "Face me!" and dying at the claws of the smiling silver rogue.
-- Quicksilver

Which silver dragon enters the Creature Competition?

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