Creature Competition: Dragons
Selecting the Talent
05/09/2006 -- 05/15/2006

Last time, we asked you to vote on your favorite white dragon. The results are in, with Arcflare moving on to the upcoming Creature Competition!

Kreestahlviendhe: 26.6%
Cyrnothraxis: 21.1%
Yurmi: 15.1%
Caestavarix: 13.5%
Frostburn: 12.9%
Tsubasa No Kami: 10.8%

Kreestahlviendhe, “Krystalwind”: Albino Red Dragon
Kreestahlviendhe overlooks the warm valleys below and watches. The great white beast, or Krystalwind as he is more commonly known, strikes during warmer seasons. Locals tell many tales of those who come face to face with the great white beast and stared fearfully into his pale, pink eyes before it strikes them dead. Countless groups have tracked him to his lair high in the frozen mountains and deep into the heart of a dormant volcano. No protection against icy breath weapons and no fire spell can defeat Krystalwind. None who have entered to kill this white dragon have lived. Because deep in the heart of this dormant volcano, sleeping beside a pool of lava, lies Kreestahlviendhe: an old albino red dragon.
-- Bard-of-all-trades

And so the white dragon slot is stolen by a red! With only a few slots left to choose, this week we turn to the metallics—and ask you to choose your favorite dragon from among a mixed panel of brass and bronze! For information on dealing with these foul creatures, be sure to consult today’s Tactics & Tips.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll be asking you to vote on your favorite entry within a given category (your favorite dracolich of the bunch, favorite brass dragon, etc.). Once we’ve narrowed the list of competitors, we’ll kick off the head-to-head bracket portion of our Creature Competition: Year of Dragons!

Brass & Bronze Dragons

Grubenakh, “The Sandthorn”: Brass Dragon Wyrmling Ranger
The desert of Yiggranon is a place teeming with activity; though temperatures are harsh, its oases make it a valuable plot of land. Animals abound, but the most important activity is the ongoing war between the blue and brass dragons (the blues having the upper hand). Because of the dangers of the deserts, Grubenakh's mother was overprotective and for two years never let him leave his den. Resenting this lack of freedom, he burrowed to freedom. With his dislike for authority and elder generations of dragonkind, plus the great dangers he faces daily, he has grown very experienced in the short time of three years.
-- Draz74

Kiroth, “Luck Tooth": Mature Adult Brass Dragon
Kiroth has long been a thorn in the side of drow surface raids -- mainly because drow usually kill off his favorite people to talk to. Using cunning and a natural talent to burrow, he has collapsed tunnels and generally debased entire drow raiding parties… which drow never take lightly. For years, the drow schemed and finally came up with a fitting plan. While Kiroth was doing his routine check near the cave, the drow hit him with a barrage of baleful polymorph spells. Luckily Kiroth managed to get away and maintain his draconic mind; however, he is currently trying to find a way out of his polymorphed form (an owl). The locals still talk very fondly of a talkative draconic protector that has disappeared, and of the recent increase in drow surface raids. A few even talk of a strange owl who is constantly surrounded by several animals and seems to command them. It is also rumored that this owl can breathe fire or gas that puts people to sleep, but who would believe that kind of story?
-- Joshdw4

Mosildeeth: Brass Dragon Diviner/Lore Master
While most brass dragons have a penchant for conversation, Mosildeeth is driven by an unending quest for it. So much so, that when he cannot find someone to talk with, he talks to himself.

This early on trait quickly grew stale, as there are only so many things one can talk to oneself about. Thus, when he encountered an elderly wizard, Mosildeeth was indeed curious as to how the wizard had learned so much.

Mosildeeth enjoyed much of what he learned. The more of the world’s secrets he mastered, the longer he could talk to himself about such secrets. The knowledge grew and grew and it came to a point where he could spend weeks in earnest conversation with himself. The old wizard could simply not keep up…. and kindly asked Mosildeeth to go bend someone else’s ear, at least for a few years.

And so Mosildeeth left the old wizard’s home and set out into the world, equipped with far more knowledge than a dragon of his age should have rightfully acquired. Right now he is on a quest to find some dracoliches and such -- surely they must have thousands upon thousands of years of history to talk about? And besides, he has a ton (literally) of notes he needs to confirm, so that he might counter-argue himself on several points in conversations he has not yet finished.
-- strcpy

Setherus: Bronze Dragon Rogue/Fatespinner
Setherus is a bronze dragon with an unusual hobby -- gambling. And for a creature so steeped in the arcane, it's only natural to combine gambling with his magic. Setherus enjoys building his hoard by beating out high rollers of any race. He normally gambles with humanoids while in alternate form, but he's been known to wager against other dragons in lieu of open combat; he always prefers a conflict where he knows the odds. Of course, when he wins (and was it ever in doubt?), many dragons tend to grow upset and accuse him of cheating, or simply refuse to uphold their end of the deal. When that happens, his comprehension of probability becomes a survival skill. For you see, Setherus is also a Fatespinner.
-- Aubri

Rampart: Bronze Dragon Fighter/Paladin/Vassal of Bahamut/Dragonslayer
From his earliest days being raised by pious monks, to his career as a mount to a noble paladin, and then aspiring to paladinhood himself, Rampart has been driven by the mortal races to exemplify what's best in dragonkind. Although not the physical or mental equal of the greater dragons, Rampart saw what mortals were able to achieve in shorter time spans with drive and fire and devotion... and saw the need for such a fire as foes loomed all about. Furthermore, a great artifact was gifted to him by an ally for nothing more then as a reward for his valor and dedication; this artifact solved many of the imbalances he would encounter dealing with other dragons, for it was a relic of dragonkind known as a Torc of the Wyrm, gifting the dragon who wore it the physical powers. Rampart has disguised his artifact as a badge of service about his neck, sovereign glued to his scales.
-- Aelryinth

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