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Creature Competition: Dragons
Selecting the Talent
05/02/2006 -- 05/08/2006

Last time, we asked you to vote on your favorite red dragon. The results are in, with Arcflare moving on to the upcoming Creature Competition!

Arcflare: 28.4%
Harenspar: 16.0%
Tyheridan: 13.7%
Kotharrisk: 13.5%
Vriklastremos: 13.0%
Grizzitnikiliv: 9.4%
Drakankalox: 6.0%

Arcflare: Twelve-Headed Red Dragon
Here's a riddle: What do you get when you cross a hydra with a red dragon? One wizard wanted to find out, and Arcflare was the all-too-successful result; he was the wizard's pride and joy, and inevitably showed off whenever the wizard had company. One fine day, though... the wizard forgot to put a fire-protection spell on himself. And wizards don't survive twelve blasts of red dragonfire. Arcflare escaped the wizard's lab after a few days of blasting at the magically enhanced bars of his cage with his breath, and proceeded to vent his frustration on the surrounding countryside.
-- Watchdog of Hades

This week, we conclude the ranks of the chromatic dragons, with the ice-dwelling white dragons. And for information on dealing with these foul creatures, be sure to consult today’s Tactics & Tips.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll be asking you to vote on your favorite entry within a given category (your favorite dracolich of the bunch, favorite brass dragon, etc.). Once we’ve narrowed the list of competitors, we’ll kick off the head-to-head bracket portion of our Creature Competition: Year of Dragons!

White Dragons

Caestavarix: White Dragon Cleric of Auril
When still a wyrmling, Caestavarix's hatred of all warmth led her to the icy bosom of the Frostmaiden; but it was a chance meeting with a quartet of journeying Aurilite clerics that started her on the path of a priestess. The clerics stopped near Caestavarix's lair one night in the late fall. At first Caestavarix wanted nothing more than to slay and consume the foolish humans that had invaded her territory, but she was not yet powerful enough to face them all at once. Instead of attacking, Caestavarix observed them, waiting for a chance to catch one of the priestesses alone and far enough away from her companions that there would be little chance of being overwhelmed. On the third day she revealed herself, and after proclaiming her desire to learn the ways of Auril's clergy, she was accepted.
-- The Blue Sorceress

Cyrnothraxis, “The North Wind”: Advanced Multiheaded White Dragon Sorcerer/ Stormcaster/Dragon Ascendant
Cyrnothraxis has, over the course of a millennia and a half, changed the face of an entire continent and obliterated one of the most promising empires of the north. Scholars who have studied wyrms speculate that her second head may in fact be a gift from the queen of all evil dragons, Tiamat, and that Cyrnothraxis is a scion sent to rule the material plane in Tiamat's name.
-- Ashtaroth

Frostburn: White Dragon Elemental Savant
Frostburn's life took a drastic change shortly after her first clutch of eggs had been laid. A long dormant volcano beneath her lair erupted without warning, sending torrents of lava streaming into her home, destroying her eggs, much of her hoard, and her mate. Although Frostburn suffered grievous injuries in the shower of molten stone, she survived, and clawed her way out of the shattered remains of her lair. Lying nearly dead atop the melting glacier which had been her home, Forstburn witnessed for the first time the power of flame, as the volcano belched forth destruction of a kind she had not believed possible. Frostburn was entranced by the apocalyptic might of the volcano, and a burning desire to master it and make it her own kindled rapidly in her soul. As her tattered body healed, the wyrm devoted her time to the mastery of the previously overlooked fire magics in her possession, quickly becoming a formidable evoker.
-- Aneul

Kreestahlviendhe, “Krystalwind”: Albino Red Dragon
Kreestahlviendhe overlooks the warm valleys below and watches. The great white beast, or Krystalwind as he is more commonly known, strikes during warmer seasons. Locals tell many tales of those who come face to face with the great white beast and stared fearfully into his pale, pink eyes before it strikes them dead. Countless groups have tracked him to his lair high in the frozen mountains and deep into the heart of a dormant volcano. No protection against icy breath weapons and no fire spell can defeat Krystalwind. None who have entered to kill this white dragon have lived. Because deep in the heart of this dormant volcano, sleeping beside a pool of lava, lies Kreestahlviendhe: an old albino red dragon.
-- Bard-of-all-trades

Tsubasa No Kami, “The White”: White Dragon
Breaking the mold for white dragons, when Tsubasa hatched she promptly gobbled up her hatch-mates, eggs and all. From that day forward, she kept a taste for dragon; she is a cannibalistic white adult dragon that has no preference for what color of dragon she dines upon (which has made her a poor choice for a mate as she tends to gobble up would-be suitors). Although white dragons are suppose to be the most savage and beastlike of all the wyrms, Tsubasa has risen above this, as she takes great pleasure in tracking her prey, and has learned enough tactics to take on most other dragons.
-- DragonGaea

Yurmi, “The Frost Ember”: White Dragon Wizard/Elemental Savant (Fire)
When the bandit king’s captured efreeti gave him the ‘fabulous wealth’ he wished for, his desert palace was suddenly filled with the dragon hoard of Yurmi. Sitting atop that hoard was one very confused and very angry white dragon. The battle was swift and terrible, and in less than three heartbeats Yurmi had slain all of the bandits. While victorious, Yurmi was still a white dragon trapped in the middle of a sweltering desert. The efreeti struck a bargain with Yurmi for mutual freedom. To save the white dragon, the efreeti provided Yurmi with increased intellect, and the tomes and tutelage needed to master the element of fire. Yurmi studied with the efreeti for almost a century, and when completed became an elemental Savant of Fire.
-- Silverspine

Kreestahlviendhe: 26.6%
Cyrnothraxis: 21.1%
Yurmi: 15.1%
Caestavarix: 13.5%
Frostburn: 12.9%
Tsubasa No Kami: 10.8%

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