Creature Competition: Dragons
Selecting the Talent
04/25/2006 -- 05/01/2006

Last time, we asked you to vote on your favorite green dragon. The results are in, with Aragraftex moving on to the upcoming Creature Competition!

Aragraftex: 26.9%
Wizal: 22.6%
Lahamust: 18.8%
Emperor Malstyg: 16.2%
Ixshiliscarm: 15.5%

Aragraftex, “The Grafter”: Pseudonatural Green Dragon Sorcerer/Fleshwarper
This magnificent and twisted green dragon has visited the Far Realm to learn the secrets of grafting and self-mutilation. When he returned to the Prime Material Plane, he was oddly morphed into a monster of great terror and fear. Aragraftex uses his magnificent grafting skills to create soldiers from kobold minions; the raids by his warriors either wipe out every living creature they meet, or enslave strong humanoids to farm Aragraftex's vast thornapple (or Devil's apple) fields.
-- ArochanoX

This week, we continue within the ranks of the chromatic dragons: now with the biggest, baddest, fiercest of the chromatics: reds. And for information on dealing with these foul creatures, be sure to consult today’s Tactics & Tips.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll be asking you to vote on your favorite entry within a given category (your favorite dracolich of the bunch, favorite brass dragon, etc.). Once we’ve narrowed the list of competitors, we’ll kick off the head-to-head bracket portion of our Creature Competition: Year of Dragons!

Red Dragons

Arcflare: Twelve-Headed Red Dragon
Here's a riddle: What do you get when you cross a hydra with a red dragon? One wizard wanted to find out, and Arcflare was the all-too-successful result; he was the wizard's pride and joy, and inevitably showed off whenever the wizard had company. One fine day, though... the wizard forgot to put a fire-protection spell on himself. And wizards don't survive twelve blasts of red dragonfire. Arcflare escaped the wizard's lab after a few days of blasting at the magically enhanced bars of his cage with his breath, and proceeded to vent his frustration on the surrounding countryside.
-- Watchdog of Hades

Drakan'kalox: Red Dragon Psion (Telepath)
Developing mental powers beyond that of normal dragons, Drakan'kalox discovered he could master the elemental natures of all dragons, and could even transfer his essence into other bodies using True Mind Switch. His goal is to combine the nature of all chromatic dragons within himself, using psionics. After all, it is his destiny.
-- pileobone

Grizzit'nikiliv, “The Living Pyr”: Woodling Great Pyroclastic Wyrm Pyrokineticist
Grizzit'nikiliv is an abomination: a sentient plant-like creature who lives to burn the world to cinders. As the self-named Living Wildfire grew, he attracted a group of blighters and insane druids who believed this paradox to be a sign that the forests of the world were meant to burn. His followers spread across the continents, convincing or forcing other druids to become part of the ever-widening Circle of Ash.
-- Speeblefreak

Harenspar, “The Merchant Dragon”: Red Dragon Merchant
Harenspar is a red dragon with a different outlook. Much calmer and more patient that most reds, he's discovered a new way to increase his hoard: capitalism. Using his superior intelligence, a number of created personas, and more than a little corporate espionage, he's forged a vast mercantile empire that deals in everything from elven poetry to human lives. If it's capable of making a profit, he's going to be involved.
-- Ogre4Hire

Kotharrisk, "The Demon Star": Half-Fiend Red Dragon
For the past twenty-nine years, Kotharrisk has lived in an extinct volcano near a small town -- from which he demands a yearly tribute of two hundred gold pieces in coin, gems or jewelry to be presented to him by a human, elven or half-elven maiden. The citizens of the town believe that the maiden is consumed, but in reality Kotharrisk has been using them to sire a small army of half-dragon tiefling minions.
-- The Blue Sorceress

Tyheridan, “The Radiant”: Advanced Sanctified Red Dragon Ranger/Paladin /Kensai
Orcus wasted no time in sending avatars to destroy this rebellious dragon, and Tyheridan barely escaped with his life. Watching as his home was burned and looted filled him with rage; for a long while he was lost, not knowing if he should try to establish a new lair or hunt the foul creatures who robbed him of all he had. One day he encountered a group of archons who had learned of his plight. They took him to a temple of Bahamut near a gateway to Celestia, and he was blessed by the dragon king who instructed him to help in his war against the demons, devils, and above all, Tiamat. Tyheridan pledged himself to the cause and has hunted demons ever since, always hoping to rebuild his lost kingdom.
-- Eternal swordsman

Vriklastremos, “Pirate Lord of the Blood Sea”: Red Dragon Pirate
Once upon a dreadful night, the red wyrm Vriklastremos attacked the corsair town of Agamir. Before departing, Vriklastremos was called upon by a putrescent bearded man, from which came the stink of death; angered by the burning of his beloved vampire wife in town, this lich bound Vriklastremos to serve the pirates for the remainder of his existence. For years after, the dragon fought alongside the pirate ships while they raided, plundered and killed the innocent around the Blood Sea. As years went by and pirates died, replaced by their children, and then by their children's children, only Vriklastremos remained… a death sentence even more frightening than the black flags upon their ships, until he became the dreaded lord of the Blood Sea.
-- Nosfredatu

Which red dragon enters the Creature Competition?

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