Creature Competition: Dragons
Selecting the Talent
04/11/2006 -- 04/17/2006

Last week, we asked you to vote on your favorite blue dragon. The results are in, with Silversheen moving on to the upcoming Creature Competition!

This week, we continue within the ranks of the chromatic dragons: now with the gas-breathing greens. And for information on dealing with these foul creatures, be sure to consult today’s Tactics & Tips.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll be asking you to vote on your favorite entry within a given category (your favorite dracolich of the bunch, favorite brass dragon, etc.). Once we’ve narrowed the list of competitors, we’ll kick off the head-to-head bracket portion of our Creature Competition: Year of Dragons!

Green Dragons

Aragraftex, “The Grafter”: Pseudonatural Green Dragon Sorcerer/Fleshwarper
This magnificent and twisted green dragon has visited the Far Realm to learn the secrets of grafting and self-mutilation. When he returned to the Prime Material Plane, he was oddly morphed into a monster of great terror and fear. Aragraftex uses his magnificent grafting skills to create soldiers from kobold minions; the raids by his warriors either wipe out every living creature they meet, or enslave strong humanoids to farm Aragraftex's vast thornapple (or Devil's apple) fields.
-- ArochanoX

Emperor Malstyg: Green Dragon Cleric of Tiamat
Malstyg lost everything he knew and loved, including his treasure hoard and beloved mate, in the ruination of his forest home by raiding hobgoblins. In the final battle, Malstyg was forced into an alliance with the druids he normally despised, and his deadly breath killed countless enemy soldiers; however, during the fight Malstyg received a terrible wound to his face that resulted in the loss of part of his snout. Although victory over the goblinoids was complete, the green dragon had little left to live for. His love, his home, and his form had all been ruined. Malstyg's nature, already as corrupt as that of any green dragon, was hardened and twisted by trauma and grief. After the defeat of the hobgoblins, he turned his back on his former home, abandoning the druids and leaving the forest to wreak his revenge on the world that had so scarred his body and spirit.
-- Return of the Flumph

Ixshiliscarm: Spellwarped Woodling Green Dragon
This ancient green dragon -- born in a time when dragons were pets of greater powers who experimented on any and all in a bid for powerful combinations and concepts -- is vile, violent, and completely insane. He starves for a good fight, going so far as to handicap himself against those who face him… just so he has time to enjoy the combat longer before he rips them to pieces. Rarer still is when he fights with his full power; he only uses his full strength against an opponent that might actually stand a chance of winning.
-- Jerivar

Lahamust, “The Ruin of Kishar”: Green Dragon
Lahamust’s mother invited the most horrible dragons to her lair to sire her new broods. Through selective breeding, Lahamust was created. He was a terrible green dragon, larger and much more caustic than others of his breed, and so was employed for Tiamat's interests in the Prime Material Plane… such as Kishar, a long-term project of Baator, which had become so civilized with good peoples that it was targeted for annihilation. Lahamust dwelled in its waters, and choked its fish and folk till the shores bubbled foam and his acrid aroma; he choked the skies with a foul impenetrable haze, so that no creature could easily breathe. Not even sympathetic celestials could stand against his spoiling... and so the desperate people turned to the aid of devils. And stop him they did. Now truly a stronghold for Hell, it is no longer Kishar but Amatylon!
-- PigFiend

Wizal: Half-Celestial Green Dragon
Wizal’s wings are not so draconic as they are angelic; his impossibly huge wingspan is filled with pure white feathers that glow with an ever illuminant celestial light. He has now seen a millennium, and has spent the last thousand year’s devoting his life to killing evil chromatics. Still, he always gives them one warning to repent before relentlessly assaulting those dragons who embrace the evil he hates. His vigilant crusade against the forces of wickedness will continue until he dies or all evil is eradicated from the world.
-- Talkingbeatles

Aragraftex: 26.9%
Wizal: 22.6%
Lahamust: 18.8%
Emperor Malstyg: 16.2%
Ixshiliscarm: 15.5%

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