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Creature Competition: Dragons
Selecting the Talent
04/04/2006 -- 04/10/2006

Last week, we asked you to vote on your favorite black dragon. The results are in, with Kikkericqqeua moving on to the upcoming Creature Competition!

This week, we continue within the ranks of the chromatic dragons: now with the desert-dwelling blues. And for information on dealing with these foul creatures, be sure to consult today’s Tactics & Tips.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll be asking you to vote on your favorite entry within a given category (your favorite dracolich of the bunch, favorite brass dragon, etc.). Once we’ve narrowed the list of competitors, we’ll kick off the head-to-head bracket portion of our Creature Competition: Year of Dragons!

Blue Dragons

Godom: Sand Dragon Cleric/Walker of the Waste/Dry Lich
As the sands of time slip through the hourglass of the ages, so does Godom's domain increase… for this undead dragon wants nothing more than to cover the world with the blistering sands he rules. With eternity on his side he has no doubt that it will be so. Though his immortality came from a fear of aging past his prime, he now uses it to expand his territory. Thus, as the sands flow from his domain, his followers increase as well; for as each city is overtaken by his desert, its inhabitants are turned to his salt mummy slaves, while his sand golems not only guard his phylactery but are also the generals of his undead army.
-- garthBEY

Il Ry'arian, “The Enlightened One”: Blue Dragon Wizard/Psion/Cerebremancer
Il Ry'arian’s egg was found deep in a red dragon's lair, cracked and damaged, by a small adventuring party; what the red dragon originally intended with a blue dragon egg, none could guess. Yet the wizard of that party took the egg, and later retired on the gold won from the lair. He raised Il Ry'arian as a fellow mage, teaching him lore from arcane books and tomes. When the wizard was slain by marauders from a neighboring kingdom, Il Ry'arian fled into the mountains; there he found a small monastery of monks and psions, largely dedicated to the dragon's own preservation. As part of their duties, the psions taught Il Ry'arian to delve into the deepest recesses of his mind to unlock his latent psychic abilities.
-- Mathx314

Ix'gazin Ubradar, "The Moon's Hand": Blue Dragon Tattooed Monk
On the night of the blue moon, a group of moon-worshipping monks known as "The Lunar Fists" were journeying to a shrine deep in the Ubra ("holy forest" in their language) when they discovered a deep blue egg. In the monk's culture, a creature born from a blue egg was holy and wise, so they brought it with them to the shrine. They named the hatchling: Ix'gazin Ubradar; in their language, Ix'gazin means "The Moon's Hand" and Ubradar means "son of the holy forest." In a magical ceremony at the heart of the Ubra, Ix'gazin's scales were inscribed with ritual tattoos. These mystical tattoos give him wondrous powers unknown to any man or dragon before him. Ix'gazin remained forever loyal to the Lunar Fists, but even his immense power was not able to prevent their destruction at the hands of the tarrasque. Frustrated, Ix'gazin continued training at the ruins of the Lunar Fist's compound to become even stronger, to someday face the tarrasque.
-- gomibako ninja

Iyaseth: Blue Dragon Illusionist
When first coming into her spellcasting powers more than half a century ago, Iyaseth found illusions to be a powerful aid for surviving in the desert of her home. She is particularly fond of creating illusionary oases to lure prey; another trick is to bury within the sands and attack with illusions to gauge her foes and draw out their resources. Recently, Iyaseth has begun to demand tribute from those passing through her territory. Those who pay are safe from her attacks. Those attacked find themselves faced with an infuriatingly indirect enemy who destroys their water supply and steals away their mounts and unaware guards in the night.
-- Arhra

Mal'hayvinassis, Blue Dragon Diviner/Loremaster
Deep in the Desert Kingdoms, there is a deep rift in the floor of the wastes. Within this rift, if one truly wishes to find it (and its master also desires it) one may locate an ancient stronghold carved into the rock. Within this sanctuary lies the great sage and wizard Mal'hayvinassis, whose knowledge of ancient times and ancient magics is considered unparalleled. Within his fortress, his library of scrolls, books, and tablets is the envy of many other spellcasters, both in the Desert Kingdoms and those beyond. Of course, Mal'hayvinassis’s specialty is draconic lore. Adventurers seeking knowledge of a particular wyrm may beg for his help, or may be contacted by those in the sage's employ to recover a particular tome or artifact of importance in order to trade for the knowledge they desire.
-- Shadowmehr

Silversheen: Celestial Blue Dragon
Long ago, a brood of blue dragons abandoned their dark goddess Tiamat and turned to Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon, for a chance at redemption and salvation. Bahamut granted their wish, and these redeemed dragons served as powerful inquisitors in Bahamut's name. Silversheen, so named for the slightly silver tint in his scales, has served as one of Bahamut's generals for over a millennium. Though both branches of true dragons shun him (the metallic due to his heritage, the chromatic for defecting), no one doubts his power. More resistant and powerful compared to the rest of his kind, Silversheen rushes into battle for honor and to prove his dedication to the service of good.
-- Tarkahn

Silversheen: 26.3%
Godom: 24.8%
Ixgazin Ubradar: 22.4%
IlRyarian: 11.5%
Iyaseth: 8.2%
Malhayvinassis: 6.9%

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