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Creature Competition: Dragons
Selecting the Talent
03/21/2006 -- 03/27/2006

Last week, we asked you to vote on your favorite gemstone dragon. The results are in, with the Chessmaster winning yet another game in his vast career, moving on to the upcoming Creature Competition!

This week, we turn once more to the dreary halls of the slain. On 02/28, we presented eight dracoliches vying for a spot in the Creature Competition. Arilasadetonima the Silver Dragon Dracolich edged out the others—but there are yet more death-filled dragons looking to compete: ghosts, mummies, and necromancers.

After this vote, we move on the core dragons patiently waiting to secure a slot. Next week: the swamp-dwelling black dragons.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll be asking you to vote on your favorite entry within a given category (your favorite dracolich of the bunch, favorite brass dragon, etc.). Once we’ve narrowed the list of competitors, we’ll kick off the head-to-head bracket portion of our Creature Competition: Year of Dragons!

Necromantic Dragons

Apaciblespíritu: Ghostly Gold Dragon
Deep beneath a lake there lies a ruined library with walls of magically strengthened glass. Within this library is the spirit of a gold dragon who refers to himself as Apaciblespíritu. If anyone has the means to enter his library, Apac will gladly help with their plight, and even lend out a book or two for a good cause. However, if anyone disrespects Apac or his books, he will fly into a rage and stop at nothing to destroy the insubordinate culprit—the only safety from which lies outside his library, for he will not leave its glass walls.
-- Hedstrong

Lasserous, “Beacon of the Fallen”: Grave Wyrm Dread Necromancer
His earlier life spent in the Abyss, scavenging corpses of fallen demons and undead, Lasserous was recruited by Orcus (in the guise of Tenebrous). Upon reclaiming his lost empire, Orcus then turned against his dragon allies. Lasserous was able to escape, fleeing to a random layer of the Abyss. Through his innate knowledge, and through the dying screams of the damned souls he consumed, Lasserous discovered arcane secrets that could increase his mastery over death. He began the path of the dread necromancer, gaining greater influence over undead so as to corrode Orcus's army from within. In order to better pursue his goals, he made an alliance with the Archduke of Hell and Lord of the 7th Circle, Beelzebub; they have since each agreed to help each other with their own wars, Lasserous's against Orcus, Beelzebub against Asmodeus.
-- Charles the druid

Loexirthosdanix: Mummified Advanced Desert Landwyrm
A group of pilgrims on their way to rebuild a ruined desert temple stumbled upon Loex’s buried egg. The pilgrims’ high priest took it with them, thinking to sacrifice the unborn creature to their dark god when they completed rebuilding the temple. Yet a lower priest could not understand why his superior would kill such a powerful ally; he eventually slew the high priest in order to take his place, and canceled the sacrifice. Loex spent his life defending the temple until finally slain by an entourage of paladins. Once more, a lone temple priest helped Loex, escaping and later returning to mummify Loex’s fallen body. The great husk of Loex has been perfectly preserved, which still prowls the temple, its massive frame filling its underground tunnels.
-- Hedstrong

The Necromonger: Gravewyrm True Necromancer
An ancient and powerful entity, the Necromonger was conjured by the gods of death to watch over the victims of the First War, in which the gods punished the firstborn (Leshay) for their insubordination. The Necromonger rules over a great haunted woodland that occupies nearly a quarter of the continent, the Frost Wood, which is so chill with death that no life can grow. The Necromonger takes great pride in his charge, the undead firstborn, whom he regularly sends forth against neighboring kingdoms.
-- Ramius the Ogre

Shairngoloth: Ghostly Black Dragon
Shairn haunts the marsh of his former lair, having returned from the dead in search of his most precious treasure, a powerful unholy amulet; this amulet was taken along with the rest of his hoard by those that that slew him. Shairngoloth despises his undead state, but cannot enter the afterlife until he restores his hoard and gains back his amulet, to offer it to the Church of Tiamat, his goddess.
-- Zolvanas

Xelogo, "The Dead": Mummified Blue Dragon
Xelogo spent his days soaring the desert skies, attacking caravans that ventured into his sight—until the caravan of adventurers brought him down with powerful arrays of spellcasting. Xelogo’s corpse lay where it fell for many years, until discovered by a cult of evil dragon-worshippers dedicated to Tiamat. Cult members resurrected Xeologo as a mummified dragon, whereupon he’s taken up his former role of ambushing any caravan foolish enough to dare cross his desert.
-- koboldlord

Lasserous: 29.1%
Apaciblespiritu: 24.3%
Loexirthosdanix: 16.4%
The Necromonger: 13.9%
Xelogo: 10.6%
Shairngoloth: 5.6%

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