Creature Competition: Dragons
Selecting the Talent
03/14/2006 -- 03/20/2006

Last week, we asked you to vote on your favorite shadow dragon. The results are in, with Caululithrax—earning a commanding majority—moving on to the upcoming Creature Competition!

This week, we’ve left the nebulous shadows for gemstone brilliance. Augmenting their appearance with powerful psionic powers, these gemstone dragons occupy their own unique category beyond those of their chromatic and metallic cousins.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll be asking you to vote on your favorite entry within a given category (your favorite dracolich of the bunch, favorite brass dragon, etc.). Once we’ve narrowed the list of competitors, we’ll kick off the head-to-head bracket portion of our Creature Competition: Year of Dragons!

Gemstone Dragons

Berylimuntem, “Dragon of the Purest Green Heavens”: Emerald Dragon Transmuter/Green Star Adept
Beryilimentum was a typical emerald dragon in all respects except one: her hide. True, it was greener than the hides of most of her flight, but lacked any of the scintillating quality common to the scales of her race. She eventually turned to transmutations to alter her appearance, but cantrips could only do so much. Before she could progress much farther in her studies, a piece of starmetal landed just outside her lair; Berylimentum had heard of the spellcasters known as green star adepts, and she hurried to learn their secrets. Her hide is now a purer emerald than any gem by the same name, and she is now leader of a proud flight, spending much of her time either advising rulers or planes-hopping to crush the slaad (harboring a special loathing for green slaad).
-- spebblefreak

Ceerethyx: Emerald Dragon, Psion (Seer)/Psion Uncarnate
When Ceerethyx learned to expand his abilities to see beyond time and space, he could view the movements of the past and the future affecting the present. Inside his crystalline lair deep within the Elemental Plane of Earth, Ceerethyx watched and subtly manipulated the turning of events to bring about his ideal future that he foresaw. Ceerethyx soon learned of the ability to shed his physical body, eventually becoming pure psychic energy. Ceerethyx is a living incorporeal being now, who acts upon the events he has foreseen to advance his agenda. When needed, Ceerethyx resorts to crushing his opponents with the overwhelming power of his mental abilities—aided by his incorporeal nature and many psionic defenses.
-- Kobold Avenger

Chessmaster: White Dragon Psion (Telepath)/ Black Dragon Psion (Egoist)
(The permanent fusion of two dragons through the Fusion psionic power, along with the multiheaded template and permanent improved schism effect…) The Chessmaster fulfills its role by having its lair placed upon a gigantic chessboard. After thoroughly subduing its adversaries, it challenges those that wish to surrender to a game of chess, using them as full-sized pieces on the chessboard. If they win, the Chessmaster offers up a portion of its hoard. If they lose, the Chessamaster devours all pieces lost in the game. Ultimately, the Chessmaster's telepathic abilities allow him to read into the movements of his foes, and it has never lost.
-- TheyCallMeTomu

Isliaranex, “the Dry”: Topaz Dragon Cleric/Walker in the Waste
Isliaranex has noted the sheer amount of water that most living creatures must consume to survive, and it disgusts her. Over the years, she has used her breath weapon and abilities to slowly drain water from the lakes and rivers of the world. She knows she must do it gradually or risk killing vast numbers of creatures, but it is her belief that when the world has adapted to survive with less water, then less water will be needed, allowing lakes and seas to be further dammed and drained to make room for further urbanization. This is something Isliaranex heartily supports, for further urban growth means a greater population, which may lead to a larger amount of psionics in the world, her ultimate goal.
-- speeblefreak

Nearthmhar Saifir, “the Shrouded Legend”: Sapphire Dragon Monk/Psion/Shadowmind
Great leaders have come and gone, but one has survived them all. Neartmhar Saifir prides himself as foremost tactician in all the Realms. Saifir prefers acting behind the scenes to orchestrate his plans, however it sometimes becomes necessary for Saifir to act directly at times; in these pivotal times, Saifir becomes a force to be reckoned with. Win or lose, nothing is more sacred than a well executed plan. Saifir views his world as a great game to be played out as he sees fit; along the way sacrifices must be made, but always at an equal or greater cost to his opponent. Relying on his psionic abilities to keep his enemies guessing, Saifir is ever free to plan his next move.
-- xaeric

Radiancesstia, "Radiance": Half Celestial Sapphire Dragon
Born between her diamond dragon mother and an unknown celestial, Radiance is a living piece of art. Her deep azure scales glow with a clear, almost divine light. She lives her life by her own code of ethics—and can be a boon companion as well as an implacable enemy, in equal parts. In her 500 years of life, Radiance has had no luck yet finding out who her true father is; there are whisperings that she may be an offspring of Bahamut himself, due her inborn majestic bearing. From her comfortable lair, she builds her powers and bides her time, striving to find this, the greatest of truths.
-- arrif

Sethraish: Amethyst Dragon Crystal Master
Much like her patron (Sardior), Sethraish is a seeker of knowledge with a scholarly bent. Her interests pursued her take up the crystal master prestige class, and she acquired many useful psionic items which she carries on her person whenever she travels or expects a confrontation; as such, opponents who expect a “bookish” dragon underestimate her to their dismay. In recent years, the mysterious deaths of several amethyst dragons, including dragon defenders in the service of Aleithilithos the Amethyst Thane, have stirred Sethraish from her studies and goaded her into action.
-- RavinRay

Thaelakaerimaa, "The Dragon Meditant": Amethyst Dragon Meditant
Thaelakaerimaa resides in a series of caverns on the Quasi-Elemental Plane of Minerals, where the borders between planes are thinner. Portals of alien construction connect these caverns, sometimes to other planes of existence. Here, Thaelakaerimaa most often sits perfectly still in the huge main cavern, appearing as a statue of pure amethyst surrounded by other unusual formations of minerals and gems. In this state, Thaelakaerimaa meditates, reaching out into the invisible powers of the planes to exploring their innermost depths.
-- Zolvanas

Chessmaster: 31.1%
Radiancesstia: 17.7%
Berylimuntem: 14.9%
Ceerethyx: 10.7%
Nearthmhar Saifir: 9.7%
Sethraish: 6.3%
Isliaranex: 5.7%
Thaelakaerimaa: 4.0%

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