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Creature Competition: Dragons
Selecting the Talent
03/07/2006 -- 03/13/2006

Last week, we asked you to vote on your favorite dracolich. The results are in, with Arilasadetonima moving on to the upcoming Creature Competition!

This week, we follow undead with dragons cloaked in darkness and intrigue. Some are true shadow dragons—others are nefarious in their own right.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll be asking you to vote on your favorite entry within a given category (your favorite dracolich of the bunch, favorite brass dragon, etc.). Once we’ve narrowed the list of competitors, we’ll kick off the head-to-head bracket portion of the our Creature Competition: Year of Dragons!

"Shadow" Dragons

Baraglazar: Insectoid/Vampiric Shadow Dragon
The famed Baraglazar thought himself invincible. That was, until Zareathien, a drow vampire, found him asleep in his lair; Baraglazar awoke to realize what he had become. Now he embraces his curse, and has become bane to all creatures of the Underdark. He makes great use of his climbing abilities and powers to change shape (experimentation gave Baraglazar the traits of the beetles crawling about his lair) to become the ultimate hunter.
-- Jackhein

Caululithrax: Vampiric Shadow Dragon Lifedrinker
Caululithrax had grandiose ideas from a very young age; in his youth, Caululithrax decided that the best way to increase his treasure hoard was not through direct combat but to use his "superior" draconic abilities. Caululithrax began skulking about the shadows of the vast subterranean caverns, and for countless years was enemy to many a drow's, duergar's and even illithid's treasure vaults. Tired and gravely wounded after a fateful illithid ambush, Caululithrax was soon to suffer a cruel and unexpected twist of fate—he stumbled upon the lair of an elder vampire. Greatly angered by his unexpected entry, and sensing Caululithrax's weakness, the vampire attacked…
-- Helian

Korraganitar “the NightShadow”: Fiendish Shadow Dragon Cleric
Korraganitar is a malevolent beast, lieutenant to the mighty Lord of Shadows, a draconic god of shadow and despair. In the far past, he devastated hundreds of worlds in the Lord of Shadows’ name, until imprisoned by the combined efforts of thousands of opposing dragons. However the force that imprisoned him was itself defeated by a cult of his own worshippers—Korraganitar flies free once more, ever hungry, ever lustful for shadows to consume this world.
-- Sadrin Thunderclaw

Koth “the Terror”: Shadow Dread Linnorm
Koth is ancient. The offspring of a primal evil and one of the first linnorms, Koth developed with a feeling of privilege, that he was inherently better than the ‘lesser’ dragons that surrounded him. His first kill was that of a wyrmling copper dragon (when that race was itself still young), and gave him the feeling that he had the right to crush such creatures at will. But the ‘true’ dragons—the metallics and chromatics—kept multiplying while the linnorms’ numbers decreased. Infighting and hunting by the increasing powerful ‘true’ dragons, started to wear down their numbers until the resulting situation was hopeless. Koth understood this, and, loath as he was to do so, went underground, building for himself an immense lair. He sealed off his realm from the Underdark, forming a place that none would dare enter.
-- TheLastOfTheFallen

Secthorastrix "Setsuna": Shadow Dragon Hexblade
In the endless darkness of the Plane of Shadow, dragons continue to rule the skies. The only difference is the nature of these dragons. Setsuna is one such creature; as a shadow dragon, and a powerful one at that, even the most dangerous beasts on the plane give him a wide berth. On top of his formidable powers over shadow and negative energy, Setsuna hatched with a strange power over fortune. He is a hexblade—or hexfang, as he calls it. Recently, he decided to explore the Material Plane, and has set up a permanent lair in a deep underground cavern. Since then, the numbers of dragonslayers who have tried to earn a reputation from his hide have given him plenty of hunting practice in both his disguised form (a dark skinned, white haired human) and his normal, draconic state.
-- Nightfall, Lord of Shadow

Shintarraskain "Kain": Abyssal Drake Warlock
Kain was hatched in the Abyss, his egg the only survivor of a massive chaos storm. As soon as the drake pulled his way free from his shell, however, he was discovered by an enterprising balor. Captured and chained within the confines of the demon's castle, he was later used as a mount for other demons when he grew strong, or as a breeding tool for more of his kind. Kain displayed unusual patience at his predicament, and instead of struggling worthlessly, he listened quietly to the demons, picking up news from the lesser fiends about the constantly shifting power struggles. He would have been content to spend a few decades there, biding his time and gathering information, were it not for a pair of powerful adventurers who snuck into the palace and slew his "owner."
-- Nightfall, Lord of Shadow

Caululithrax: 44.0%
Shintarraskain: 16.5%
Secthorastrix: 13.7%
Koth: 11.1%
Baraglazar: 8.0%
Korraganitar: 6.6%

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