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Creature Competition: Dragons
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Caululithrax: Vampiric Shadow Dragon Lifedrinker
Caululithrax had grandiose ideas from a very young age; in his youth, Caululithrax decided that the best way to increase his treasure hoard was not through direct combat but to use his "superior" draconic abilities.
-- Helian

Our first Creature Compeition was won by the lovely Eludecia, Succubus Paladin. Taibo the Ethereal Filcher Monk won our second. Who will win our third competition -- dedicated to this Year of Dragons!

We have selected the talent, now it is time to let them loose on each other. And so it has gone for the past 16 weeks. Now Caululithrax, the Vampiric Shadow Dragon Lifedrinker, has won the competition and become your chosen dragon in the Year of Dragons!

Gan the Rusty Weekly Results:

Finals: Caululithrax: the Vampiric Shadow Dragon Lifedrinker has won the competition, and become your chosen dragon in the Year of Dragons!

Caululithrax: 60.7%
Korosagra: 39.3%

Week 14: The final competitor has been chosen, as Korosagra barely edged past Foda.

Korosagra: 50.3%
Foda: 49.7%

Week 13: It wasn't even close last week, as Caululithrax utterly dismantled the "silver samurai"!

Caululithrax: 80.6%
Palsha: 19.4%

Week 12: The monk was hardly fooled by an albino red dragon, as Korosagra advances!

Korosagra: 61.8%
Krystalwind: 38.2%

Week 11: Last week, "the sloppy" took out the dracolich, as Foda advances!

Foda: 61.5%
Arilasadetonima: 38.5%

Week 10: It only took one silver head to defeat twelve red ones, as Palsha advances over Arcflare.

Palsha: 63.8%
Arcflare: 36.2%

Week 9: Caululithrax took the life of Gan the Rusty, to advance.

Caululithrax: 65.2%
Gan the Rusty: 34.8%

Week 8: Korosagra narrowly defeated Rampart to advance.

Korosagra: 51.7%
Rampart: 48.3%

Week 7: Krystalwind bested Kikkericqqeua to advance.

Krystalwind: 62.1%
Kikkericqqeua: 37.9%

Week 6: Foda, "The Sloppy": Gold Dragon Monk/Rogue/Drunken Master defeats Lasserous, "Beacon of the Fallen": Grave Wyrm Dread Necromancer.

Foda: 52.7%
Lasserous: 47.3%

Week 5: Arilasadetonima: Silver Dragon Dracolich edge out Aragraftex, "The Grafter": Pseudonatural Green Dragon Sorcerer/Fleshwarper

Arilasadetonima: 55.3%
Aragraftex: 44.7%

Week 4: Arcflare: Twelve-Headed Red Dragon destroyed Ar'gth, "Wrestler of Halfings": Pseudodragon Reaping Mauler!

Arcflare: 64.6%
Argth: 35.4%

Gan the Rusty
Palsha Caululithrax
Foda Korosagra
Krystalwind From the message boards:

From the message baords:

Blech, too many dragon-monks for my taste. Frankly, I'd just love for Caululithrax to amble on over and finish this nice and easy.

That's Korosagra vs. Foda. Martial Arts tag match without weight limits. That will select the best dragon martial artist from the goodies. This is why it is Calululithrax that has to have the upper hand on Palsha. We need a bad guy for the final!

Hmmm, I guess with no Con, Caululithrax won't have to worry about getting drunk on Foda's blood...

I just dislike Arcflare because I've found that using the Multiheaded template as officially written is grossly overpowered.

Palsha has done more with the power he has than Chessmaster and should win.

Chessmaster is a perfect major villain for a campaign, and the character design is wonderful. Palsha is just a dragon who is a samurai.

In a fight, Chessmaster wins... In appearances, Chessmaster wins… and in the confines of this competition as far as I see, Chessmaster will have a clean sweep.

So, we have an extremely smart (and theatrical) psuedodragon wizard against a rust dragon with a fondness for shiny treats. Yeah, real tough choice there.


Gan the Rusty: Pseudodragon Wizard
As a little hatchling, Gan was small, even for a pseudodragon. His wings were crumpled, his body was weak, his stinger was small. However, Gan was smart. He was a good deal smarter than every other pseudodragon in his massive extended family. Thus, Gan soon found himself eligible for a scholarship to the Mordenkainen Magical University. Once there, he buried himself in his studies, but for a few rather crazy nights out. Unfortunately, no one would offer the prodigiously bright pseudodragon a job, so Gan undertook standard dragon activities: lair, hoard, princess-capturing, etc.; with his illusions and transmutations, he took the appearance of a massive red dragon (Gan is too nice to really hurt people, but still enjoys gold, princesses, and playing the role of a villain to the hilt).
--The Amazing Dancing Bear (Selecting the Talent)

Yarzasi-Korin: Spellwarped Rust Dragon
Hatched upon the iron battlefields of Acheron, Yarzasi-Korin's first taste of metal was an enchanted blade. From that first meal of magic, the rust dragon came to disdain all mundane ore. As he has grown in power, his hunger for magic has become so great that he craves it above all else. Yarzasi-Korin seeks only the choicest items and most sumptuous magical flavors to satisfy his palate. To this end, he battles the greatest spellcasters amongst Acheron's endless wars, challenging opponents of any species or allegiance to a test of mystic mettle. To his delight, he finds the arrogance of his fellow wyrms more than capable of providing an unintended feast...
-- Slagger the Chuul (Selecting the Talent)

Caululithrax: Vampiric Shadow Dragon Lifedrinker
Caululithrax had grandiose ideas from a very young age; in his youth, Caululithrax decided that the best way to increase his treasure hoard was not through direct combat but to use his "superior" draconic abilities. Caululithrax began skulking about the shadows of the vast subterranean caverns, and for countless years was enemy to many a drow's, duergar's and even illithid's treasure vaults. Tired and gravely wounded after a fateful illithid ambush, Caululithrax was soon to suffer a cruel and unexpected twist of fate—he stumbled upon the lair of an elder vampire. Greatly angered by his unexpected entry, and sensing Caululithrax's weakness, the vampire attacked…
-- Helian (Selecting the Talent)

Silversheen: Celestial Blue Dragon
Long ago, a brood of blue dragons abandoned their dark goddess Tiamat and turned to Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon, for a chance at redemption and salvation. Bahamut granted their wish, and these redeemed dragons served as powerful inquisitors in Bahamut's name. Silversheen, so named for the slightly silver tint in his scales, has served as one of Bahamut's generals for over a millennium. Though both branches of true dragons shun him (the metallic due to his heritage, the chromatic for defecting), no one doubts his power. More resistant and powerful compared to the rest of his kind, Silversheen rushes into battle for honor and to prove his dedication to the service of good.
-- Tarkahn (Selecting the Talent)

Chessmaster: White Dragon Psion (Telepath)/ Black Dragon Psion (Egoist)
(The permanent fusion of two dragons through the Fusion psionic power, along with the multiheaded template and permanent improved schism effect...) The Chessmaster fulfills its role by having its lair placed upon a gigantic chessboard. After thoroughly subduing its adversaries, it challenges those that wish to surrender to a game of chess, using them as full-sized pieces on the chessboard. If they win, the Chessmaster offers up a portion of its hoard. If they lose, the Chessamaster devours all pieces lost in the game. Ultimately, the Chessmaster's telepathic abilities allow him to read into the movements of his foes, and it has never lost.
-- TheyCallMeTomu (Selecting the Talent)

Palsha, “The Platinum Emperor”: Sliver Dragon Samurai
Over the years Palsha’s great victories and honor granted him prestige as he aged and gained greater power. He revealed his draconic form to the local emperor, and pledged his loyalty as protector of the emperor’s family. After hundreds of years of loyal service, the imperial family died when evil dragons of the west stormed the palace. Palsha then slew them all, leading the empire’s fearless samurai against the fearsome dragon army. He then ascended the throne in order to stop the empire he loved from falling into chaos. Palsha eventually left the empire to his daughter, who was wisest of his children, and retired to a cave—finally succumbing to his dragon nature.
-- Balor von Balorvitch (Selecting the Talent)
Arcflare: Twelve-Headed Red Dragon
Here's a riddle: What do you get when you cross a hydra with a red dragon? One wizard wanted to find out, and Arcflare was the all-too-successful result; he was the wizard's pride and joy, and inevitably showed off whenever the wizard had company. One fine day, though... the wizard forgot to put a fire-protection spell on himself. And wizards don't survive twelve blasts of red dragonfire. Arcflare escaped the wizard's lab after a few days of blasting at the magically enhanced bars of his cage with his breath, and proceeded to vent his frustration on the surrounding countryside.
-- Watchdog of Hades (Selecting the Talent)
Ar'gth, "Wrestler of Halfings": Pseudodragon Reaping Mauler
In the land of blind the one-eyed man rules. Ar'gth is a champion among pseudodragons. Even as an infant he could easily out grapple any cat thrown at him. As an adult there was no pseudodragon who did not fear this 23-pound monster of a pseudodragon.
--Wexquif (Selecting the Talent)

Arilasadetonima: Silver Dragon Dracolich
Over the years, Ari became the watcher and defender of several humanoid families and societies which she befriended. Reaching the end of her impressively long lifespan, Ari looked for a means to continue her vigil. Emulating the elven baelnorns, she chose lichdom as the method for preserving her life. Sadly, the ritual did not work as planned, and her alignment fully changed to evil. Although she still feels protective of her own flock, she is harshly prejudicial towards anyone else and will destroy anyone who exhibits even the slightest threat or insult to her clan.
-- MindWandererB (Selecting the Talent)

Aragraftex, "The Grafter": Pseudonatural Green Dragon Sorcerer/Fleshwarper
This magnificent and twisted green dragon has visited the Far Realm to learn the secrets of grafting and self-mutilation. When he returned to the Prime Material Plane, he was oddly morphed into a monster of great terror and fear. Aragraftex uses his magnificent grafting skills to create soldiers from kobold minions; the raids by his warriors either wipe out every living creature they meet, or enslave strong humanoids to farm Aragraftex's vast thornapple (or Devil's apple) fields.
-- ArochanoX (Selecting the Talent)

Lasserous, "Beacon of the Fallen": Grave Wyrm Dread Necromancer
His earlier life spent in the Abyss, scavenging corpses of fallen demons and undead, Lasserous was recruited by Orcus (in the guise of Tenebrous). Upon reclaiming his lost empire, Orcus then turned against his dragon allies. Lasserous was able to escape, fleeing to a random layer of the Abyss. Through his innate knowledge, and through the dying screams of the damned souls he consumed, Lasserous discovered arcane secrets that could increase his mastery over death. He began the path of the dread necromancer, gaining greater influence over undead so as to corrode Orcus's army from within. In order to better pursue his goals, he made an alliance with the Archduke of Hell and Lord of the 7th Circle, Beelzebub; they have since each agreed to help each other with their own wars, Lasserous's against Orcus, Beelzebub against Asmodeus.
-- Charles the druid (Selecting the Talent)

Foda, "The Sloppy": Gold Dragon Monk/Rogue/Drunken Master
Foda hatched in the high peaks above a monastery. Parentless and alone, he watched the monks in the practice yards to slake his loneliness, even mimicking their kata and meditation rituals. One autumn, the master of the monastery hiked to the top of the mountain and discovered Foda. He invited the gold to formally train, promising to do his best to adapt the lessons for a dragon. Foda accepted and for another two generations earned his tenth belt from the master and his descendants.
-- Dragna the Claw (Selecting the Talent)

Kikkericqqeua: Insectile Black Dragon
When a troupe of drow on a mission directly assigned by Lloth met an unfortunate accident at the hands of Kikkericqqeua, Lloth proved quite annoyed. She punished the dragon the same way she punished her drow… she made the dragon part spider. Kikkericqqeua now has a large red hour-glass shape on her belly, additional legs, and eight spider-like eyes. She also has the ability to spin webs nearly the thickness of a man’s arm. Aside from the acidic breath weapon, she now also has a poisonous bite attack.
-- 4everDMing (Selecting the Talent)

Kreestahlviendhe, "Krystalwind": Albino Red Dragon
Kreestahlviendhe overlooks the warm valleys below and watches. The great white beast, or Krystalwind as he is more commonly known, strikes during warmer seasons. Locals tell many tales of those who come face to face with the great white beast and stared fearfully into his pale, pink eyes before it strikes them dead. Countless groups have tracked him to his lair high in the frozen mountains and deep into the heart of a dormant volcano. No protection against icy breath weapons and no fire spell can defeat Krystalwind. None who have entered to kill this white dragon have lived. Because deep in the heart of this dormant volcano, sleeping beside a pool of lava, lies Kreestahlviendhe: an old albino red dragon.
-- Bard-of-all-trades (Selecting the Talent)
Rampart: Bronze Dragon Fighter/Paladin/Vassal of Bahamut/Dragonslayer
From his earliest days being raised by pious monks, to his career as a mount to a noble paladin, and then aspiring to paladinhood himself, Rampart has been driven by the mortal races to exemplify what's best in dragonkind. Although not the physical or mental equal of the greater dragons, Rampart saw what mortals were able to achieve in shorter time spans with drive and fire and devotion... and saw the need for such a fire as foes loomed all about. Furthermore, a great artifact was gifted to him by an ally for nothing more then as a reward for his valor and dedication; this artifact solved many of the imbalances he would encounter dealing with other dragons, for it was a relic of dragonkind known as a Torc of the Wyrm, gifting the dragon who wore it the physical powers. Rampart has disguised his artifact as a badge of service about his neck, sovereign glued to his scales.
-- Aelryinth (Selecting the Talent)
Korosagra: Kensai Monk Mountain Landwyrm
Leagues above the Great Dwarven Hall, Korosagra stands fast, throwing fist, forearm, head and knee against a lonely peak in the Razorspine Mountains. In a rhythm that could shame many a bard, granite knuckles pound against granite mountainside, fists crackling with arcane energies. Relentlessly, Korosagra practices his strikes for hours (days depending on which dwarf you ask) perfecting his art. In an instant, Korosagra yields his barrage against his unknowing opponent, and stands tall on his hind legs. Throwing his arms wide, forcing his massive chest outward, he releases a low roar, and a crack from his back (sounding much like a mighty oak snapping) reverberates through the mountains and valley below. Standing frozen for a moment, he gracefully drops to all fours, and swiftly disappears behind an adjacent peak to rest in his deep cave.

Atop a mountain in the distance, a master monk mimics Korosagra's pattern against a granite pillar, his students ever watchful. After completing his demonstration the teacher says briskly: "This is what is required of you for tomorrow’s Ascension Exam," and starts down the mountain alone. After an hour of quiet reflection the students head back to their monastery, inspired by the sight of their discipline's founder and with new confidence that they will pass their final test.
-- Helian (Selecting the Talent)
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