Creature Competition: Dragons
Selecting the Talent
02/21/2006 -- 02/27/2006

Our first Creature Compeition was won by the lovely Eludecia, Succubus Paladin. Taibo the Ethereal Filcher Monk won our second. The time has finally come to select competitors for our third competition -- dedicated to this Year of Dragons!

Chromatic and metallic aside, it wouldn’t be a dragon competition without including the underdog – the “Meepo,” so to speak – of the dragon community, the pseudodragon! We received multiple entries for pseudodragons, so here’s your chance to decide which one moves on to our Dragon Competition.

Starting this week with pseudodragons, we’ll be asking you to vote on your favorite entry within a given category (favorite dracolich, favorite brass dragon, etc.). Once we’ve narrowed the preliminary list of competitors, we’ll kick off the head-to-head bracket portion of the our Creature Competition: Year of Dragons!

Our thanks to everyone who took the time to submit a competitor. May the best (pseudo)dragon win!

Kinicas: Pseudodragon Rogue/Hoardstealer
Many pseudodragons bent on usurping the power of their larger brethren merely study magic, allow themselves to become companions to two-leggers, or daydream without doing much to realize these dreams. Kinicas on the other hand, sees a much easier (though by no measure safer way) shot at power. He simply buys it... then gets back his funds, and then some.

Cthez-ngthu: Corrupted Pseudodragon Warlock
Cthez-ngthu is an assassin at heart and in practice. Extraordinarily intelligent and charismatic for a corrupted creature, he uses his invocations and eldritch blasts as effectively as many an elvish warrior uses her blade, and better than most. His preferred targets are spellcasters and nobility.

Ar'gth "Wrestler of Halfings": Pseudodragon Reaping Mauler
In the land of blind the one-eyed man rules. Ar'gth is a champion among pseudodragons. Even as an infant he could easily out grapple any cat thrown at him. As an adult there was no pseudodragon who did not fear this 23-pound monster of a pseudodragon.

Gan the Rusty: Pseudodragon Wizard
As a little hatchling, Gan was small, even for a pseudodragon. His wings were crumpled, his body was weak, his stinger was small. However, Gan was smart. He was a good deal smarter than every other pseudodragon in his massive extended family. Thus, Gan soon found himself eligible for a scholarship to the Mordenkainen Magical University. Once there, he buried himself in his studies, but for a few rather crazy nights out. Unfortunately, no one would offer the prodigiously bright pseudodragon a job, so Gan undertook standard dragon activities: lair, hoard, princess-capturing, etc.; with his illusions and transmutations, he took the appearance of a massive red dragon (Gan is too nice to really hurt people, but still enjoys gold, princesses, and playing the role of a villain to the hilt).
--The Amazing Dancing Bear

Gargantus: Pseudodragon Mindbender
Gargantus was rather displeased when he found out he could never get as big as most other dragons just because he was a pseudodragon. He always had dreams of grandeur, Burning villages and hoarding treasure the usual dragon stuff. But Gargantus was a smart little bugger he knew that he couldn't win by size so he decided he should outsmart the other dragons and victims of his would-be plundering and burning.

Crazy Carbuncle: Pseudodragon Necromancer
“Crazy Carbuncle” was officially exiled from his homeland for planning to tamper with the Draconic Prophecy. The great masters of Argonesson, although not believing the tiny pseudodragon to be any real threat to the Prophecy, were nonetheless outraged at the mere existence of such a scheme. Since his arrival in Khorvaire however, Carbuncle’s plans have changed very little—the only significant change being his new goal of attaining life after death in the form of a dracolich.
--Raven Dark

The results are in, with Gan the Rusty moving on to the upcoming Creature Competition!

Gan the Rusty: 24.8%
Ar'gth, Wrestler of Halfings: 20.0%
Crazy Carbuncle: 16.2%
Cthez-ngthu: 16.1%
Kinicas: 13.6%
Gargantus: 9.3%

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