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Creature Competition: Battle Royal

The End is Near (Week 13)

Tiamat: The battle thus far has been fierce with both competitors getting in their fair share of offense but Taibo seems to be gaining the upper hand. And good news folks, ARDy has returned and it seems he as a souvenir for me.

ARDy: In my quest to find the real Harold I found a broken lute and some drag marks leading out of the arena, however, I was unable to locate the real Harold. We may never know what happened to the poor fellow. And I see a competitor was eliminated in my absence, the action seems to be really heating up now.

Tiamat: The creature competition commissioners asked me to let everyone know that our next competition will be starting soon. And this time it will be Dragons!

ARDy: That’s right Tiamat, starting next week, on our message boards; we will be taking suggestions for the competitors. So if you want to get a leg up, pick a type of dragon, come up with one or two paragraphs describing that dragon, and give your dragon a creative name. We will be including our favorites in the competition... And don't forget to join us next week when we crown a champion.

Titan 54 ... Where Are You? (Week 12)

Tiamat: Hi folks, ARDy is off looking for the "real" Harold so I told the arena commissioners that I would love to fill in for him till he returns. What were they going to say? NO?

To be honest, I didn’t see much of how Titan 54 was defeated, however when he hit the arena floor I could swear it shook a few of my teeth loose. As for that little filcher fellow, he pops in and out so often he is just too darn hard to keep track of. Varuna has picked up a piece of the titan and seems to be carefully looking for Taibo.

So now we are down to just two competitors! Taibo vs Varuna, and because this is such a big battle we are going to let voting continue for the next two weeks. Hopefully ARDy will return with a report on Harold. Perhaps I will even stick around to see who wins.

Emptied Chalice (Week 11)

    ARDy: The good fight hard for a just cause, but they do not always win. Such was the case this week, as Sir Zeev could not survive another round. He did his best, battling Titan 54 to a near standstill -- and raising questions as to whether this massive machine of war, so dominant in the early rounds, has sustained too much damage to win. Certainly Taibo is relatively fresh, and as for Varuna... well, the undead need no rest.

    Now it comes down to the final three! Myself, I'll be off searching for the "real" Harold. After all, the Spellweaver must have stashed his corpse somewhere...

    Requiem for a Bard (Week 10)

      ARDy: Folks, at long last the "mighty" Harold has been defeated. We can only express our relief -- and marvel at how Taibo, the Ethereal Filcher Monk continues to dominate against a very exclusive club of competitors.

      Just four remain! Taibo, the Aasimar, the Minotaur, and the early champion, Titan 54: the Warforged Titan!

      Meanwhile, somewhere a fellow bard composes a requiem, dedicated to Harold.

      Brain in a Dustbin (Week 9)

      ARDy: Taibo's dominance continues! Although the remaining contenders ganged against him, the Filcher's ability to escape into the Ethereal Plane saved him time and again.

      Stepping back out, Taibo made short work of the Dark Stalker Soulknife. And with fists to spare, he started attacking both the Iron Golem/Brain in a Jar and the Minotaur of Legend! In the end, the Iron Golem collapsed a moment before the Minotaur!

      Two combatants leave this week, and no more wait to take their place! We are down to the final five!

      Complete Entropy (Week 8)

      ARDy: This week, no one could stand against Taibo, the Ethereal Filcher Monk! Not the Entropic Reaper, not even Harold's protégée, the Brain in a Jar! Taibo flitted in and out of the Ethereal Plane, dealing damage to them all!

      Harold: If my Brain in a Jar can't overcome Taibo... perhaps it's up to me.

      The image of Harold the Human Bard transforms into that of a grotesque, six-armed spellcaster, carrying a glowing chromatic disk -- a Spell Weaver!

      ARDy: What's this? Harold's been in disguise this entire time? I can't believe it -- and now he's making his way to the arena to take part in the competition!

      The Spell Weaver enters, casting a volley of spells to clear his path.

      ARDy: I've just received word from the Creature Competition commissioners... the Spell Weaver will be allowed to compete -- but next week, two creatures will be eliminated!

      Warlock Out (Week 7)

      ARDy: She's no Eludecia. Laenya, the Coure Warlock has been the first eliminated from our final eight competitors! A charming smile (and eldritch blasts) proved no match for this arena.

      Last week, Taibo the Ethereal Filcher Monk entered. This week, his four flying fists of fury took him to the top the standing! Can his assaults finally wear down the formerly unstoppable Warforged Titan?

      Harold: He would make an excellent bard as well, that Taibo -- with four arms to duel-wield instruments.

      Fiendish Failure (Week 6)

      ARDy: No sooner did they enter, then the nycaloth and fiendish intellect devourer set upon each other. Truly, there is no honor among thieves, or peace among the wicked. (Or, for that matter, talent among certain bards.)

      Last week, these two entered the arena. This week, the same two are dragged out, broken and defeated! And our last competitor has entered -- Taibo, the Ethereal Filcher Monk!

      Harold: Last? Possibly. Or possibly I'll have the prove the mettle of the bards...

      ARDy: Not likely! And as always to our competitors: good luck. And good healing.

      Assassinated (Week 5)

      ARDy: The pan flute proved of little use in combat (remember that, bard!), as the satyr assassin was dragged from the shadows and eliminated. Meanwhile, the brutes of the arena continued to dominate, with the warforged titan, minotaur of legend, and iron golem-riding brain trading crushing blows against one another.

      This week, by decree of the arena comissioner, not one, but two new competitors have entered the arena! A nycaloth and equally fiendish intellect devourer! Which means, next week will see not one, but two competitors leave!

      Harold: Don't belittle the power of music, dragon! And never the power of bardic music!

      No Heads Left (Week 4)

      ARDy: Twelve heads weren't enough for the hydra - not against the brutal onslaught of the minotaur of legend. At first, the minotaur charged straight for the warforged titan, looking to knock off the current king of the mountain. Merely a feint, the minotaur turned its attention to the hydra, taking care of its remaining heads.

      When it came time for the hydra's replacement to enter the arena, music burst from behind the next opening gate. And who should appear, but Harold the Mighty leading the way - not as competitor, but as entourage. The braggart bard has apparently recovered from his backstage beatings, and returned with a surrogate competitor: a brain in jar, using an iron golem for a body.

      Harold: Perhaps the only mind greater than my own just entered the arena! Not even the warforged titan can stand its ground against it!

      Inevitable Defeat (Week 3)

      ARDy: Spells and chains couldn't save the zelekhut this week (apparently, true mastery of the spiked chains is reserved by the kytons). The minotaur of legend, immediately upon entering the arena, simply tore the zelekhut apart. Can the next competitor to enter showcase the same brute strength? Not likely...

      This week, Laenya, the Coure Warlock fluttered into the arena. Can her sly charms and warlock's ways overcome the mighty? We shall soon see! Oddly enough, Harold the Mighty seems to have disappeared. Too much a braggart to put his might to the test? Ambushed by opponents backstage? No matter -- next week, a mystery competitor will be brought in to take Harold's place!

      Two Fall in Week 2! (Week 2)

      ARDy: Fitting that the second week of battle saw not one, but two competitors defeated in the arena! After suffering severe wounds the first week, the vrock ranger thought to escape to the air - only to be snatched by the hydra and torn apart by its multiple heads. And once the juggernaut entered, the remaining competitors saw it as a true threat. The inevitable, the aasimar, and even the satyr assassin banded together against the rolling menace, and brought down the virtually unstoppable war machine.

      Two fall, and two enter: this week, it's the mummified minotaur of legend and the entropic reaper! We looked for Harold the Mighty to join the fight, but the braggart could not be found...

      The Battle Continues (Week 1)

      ARDy: After the opening week of battle, "Gelatinous Man," the Human Oozemaster, has been the first competitor to fall. Little more than a revolting puddle, "Gelatinous Man" managed to lurk unnoticed along the corners of the arena - until the hydra accidentally stumbled upon him, viciously attacking this stinging blob until mere splattered patches remained.

      With the first to fall, the next competitor has been allowed to enter. Another massive gate creaked open - and in rolled the mighty juggernaut, heading straight for Titan 54...

      And So....The Battle Begins

      ARDy: At the stroke of midnight (eastern time), eight gates creaked open, admitting the first combatants into our Battle Royal arena! Titan 54 pounded up a cloud of dust during his long, slow march to the very center, in challenge to anyone daring take on this great war machine. The vrock ranger went straight to the air, waiting to swoop down upon its first target. Meanwhile, Rahndis and Tallis have each taken to the shadows along the edge...

      Cast your vote for who you want to see win the battle, and remember: the lowest vote getter will be dragged, bleeding and broken, from the arena while a new competitor will enter to take its place.

      And to our competitors: good luck. And good healing.

      Starting Eight: Inevitable Zelekhut,Aasimar Knight of the Chalice, Warforged Titan, Satyr Assassin, Vrock Ranger, Dark Stalker Soulknife, Human Oozemaster, 12-Headed Hydra


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