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Creature Competition: Battle Royal

This summer, we introduced the D&D Creature Competition: Head-to-Head. In that competition (won by the lovely Succubus Paladin), we asked folks here at Wizards of the Coast to nominate their preferred candidates.

This time, we wanted to try something a little different.

In our effort to better involve the player community with the D&D website, we asked (via this message board thread) for you to nominate candidates for our next creature competition. You have (these players are indicated next to the creature they nominated), and we've selected sixteen of these brutes to duke it out... under a slightly different format.

This time, we'll start with eight creatures in the proverbial gladiator pit, and ask you to vote for your favorite. Each week thereafter, the bottom vote-getter leaves -- and, so long as any remain, a new creature will enter to take its place. Every week we'll present the next vote, until it all boils down to your final winner!

What criteria should you use to vote? That's entirely up to you. That said, we asked for creatures within a fairly narrow Challenge Rating, so that those who prefer to make your decision based on who would win an actual fight can do so. And of course, you can argue for how they would win the fight on the message boards

Taibo Wins All!

    ARDy: The competition has ended! The arena has been cleared of failed challengers, with but one champion left standing: Taibo, the Ethereal Filcher Monk!

    Taibo entered in the sixth week of this brutal sport, facing such seemingly indomitable opponents as the Aasimar Knight of the Chalice, Iron Golem/Brain in a Jar, and -- originally the favorite to win the entire competition -- Titan 54, the Warforged Titan!

    Our congratulations to Taibo (and Slagger the Chuul, his owner, manager, and trainer)!

    And don't forget to stop on by the message boards and check out how you can be a part of Creature Competition 3 -- Dragons!

    Miss a week? Check out the weekly replay.

    "Taibo" Ethereal Filcher Monk
    Normally a spectacular pickpocket, this filcher has instead taken on an ascetic lifestyle; it's secluded lair now serves as its place of meditation. Plus, four fists of fury and the ability to duck in and out of the Ethereal Plane make for one tough melee artist. (By Slagger the Chuul - More Info)
    Taibo Wins!
    The Ethereal Filcher popped once more into the Material Plane -- to claim his victory!
    Message Boards

    Weekly Results:

    Taibo Wins! (Week 13)
    The Ethereal Filcher popped once more into the Material Plane -- to claim his victory!

    - Ethereal Filcher Monk: 65.6%
    - Minotaur: 34.4%

    Titan 54 ... Where Are You? (Week 12)
    Alas the damage from 12 weeks of battle have taken their toll on the mighty Titan 54 and he has fallen. Will his support go to Varuna or will Taibo run away with the victory?....

    - Ethereal Filcher Monk: 53%
    - Minotaur: 23.8%
    - Warforged Titan: 23.2%

    Emptied Chalice (Week 11)
    The just and noble do not always win the fight, proven this week as Sir Zeev could not survive the latest round. And then there were three....

    - Ethereal Filcher Monk: 33.8%
    - Minotaur: 25.1%
    - Warforged Titan: 20.7%
    - Aasimar Knight of the Chalice: 20.3%

    Requiem for a Bard (Week 10)
    Six frantic, spell-casting arms could not hold back the onslaught that finally defeated the mysterious Harold. Somewhere, a bard sings his requiem... while the Ethereal Filcher monk proves four arms are better than six.

    - Ethereal Filcher Monk: 33.6%
    - Warforged Titan: 20.3%
    - Aasimar Knight of the Chalice: 18.4%
    - Minotaur: 15.6%
    - Spell Weaver: 12.1%

    Brain in a Dustbin (Week 9)
    The Ethereal Monk continues to dominate (rallying back earlier in the week from last place in the polls), while the Iron Golem/Brain in a Jar and Dark Stalker are both eliminated!

    - Ethereal Filcher Monk: 24.7%
    - Warforged Titan: 16.2%
    - Aasimar Knight of the Chalice: 14.3%
    - Spell Weaver: 12.5%
    - Minotaur: 11.0%
    - Iron Golem Brain in a Jar: 10.9%
    - Dark Stalker Soulknife: 10.3%

    Complete Entropy(Week 8)
    The Entropic Reaper could not stand against the four-armed fury that is Taibo, the Ethereal Filcher Monk! No one could!

    - Ethereal Filcher Monk: 27.4%
    - Warforged Titan: 15.3%
    - Aasimar Knight of the Chalice: 15.0%
    - Iron Golem Brain in a Jar: 12.5%
    - Minotaur: 11.0%
    - Dark Stalker Soulknife: 10.4%
    - Entropic Reaper: 8.3%

    Warlock Out (Week 7)
    She's no Succubus Paladin -- Laenya, the Coure Warlock became the first competitor tossed from our final 8!

    - Ethereal Filcher Monk: 16.7%
    Warforged Titan: 15.6%
    Aasimar Knight of the Chalice: 14.5%
    Iron Golem Brain in a Jar: 14.5%
    Minotaur: 11.5%
    Entropic Reaper: 9.7%
    Dark Stalker Soulknife: 9.5%
    Laenya Coure Warlock: 8.0%

    Fiendish Failure (Week 6)
    The fiendish pair, of nycaloth and intellect devourer, could not impress the arena their first week -- and were both tossed out!

    - Warforged Titan: 17.6%
    - Aasimar Knight of the Chalice: 15.4%
    - Iron Golem Brain in a Jar: 13.9%
    - Minotaur: 12.8%
    - Dark Stalker Soulknife: 11.2%
    - Entropic Reaper: 10.9%
    - Laenya Coure Warlock: 9.1%
    - Yugoloth: Nycaloth: 5.9%
    - Fiendish Intellect Devourer: 3.2%

    Assassinated (Week 5)
    Hiding in the shadows (and skill with the pan flute) proved no measure of success in a combat arena, as the satyr assassin falls.

    - Warforged Titan: 18.7%
    - Iron Golem Brain in a Jar: 17.2%
    - Aasimar Knight of the Chalice: 14.2%
    - Minotaur: 13.3%
    - Entropic Reaper: 11.7%
    - Dark Stalker Soulknife: 9.4%
    - Laenya Coure Warlock: 8.2%
    - Satyr Assassin: 7.2%

    No Heads Left (Week 4)
    Twelve heads weren’t enough for the hydra, earning a lowly 8.7% of the vote.

    - Warforged Titan: 17.3%
    - Minotaur: 15.7%
    - Aasimar Knight of the Chalice: 14.5%
    - Entropic Reaper: 13.7%
    - Dark Stalker Soulknife: 10.6%
    - Laenya: Coure Warlock: 10.3%
    - Satyr Assassin: 9.3%
    - 12-Headed Hydra: 8.7%

    Inevitably Gone (Week 3)
    Victory wasn't inevitable after all -- the zelekhut has been defeated, bringing in a low 7.5% vote. The warforged titan? Still on top, but by a smaller margin this week.

    - Warforged Titan: 18.7%
    - Minotaur: 16.6%
    - Entropic Reaper: 14.5%
    - Aasimar Knight: 14.0%
    - Dark Stalker Soulknife: 10.9%
    - 12-Headed Hydra: 9.0%
    - Satyr Assassin: 8.8%
    - Inevitable Zelekhut: 7.5%

    Two Fall in Week 2! (Week 2)
    The juggernaut and vrock ranger tied for the low end of the vote, earning a mere 8.3% apiece! The warforged titan continues to dominate, with another 22% of the vote, completely unfazed by the juggernaut's entrance. But can it hold off the mummified minotaur of legend?

    - Warforged Titan: 22.1%
    - Aasimar Knight: 15.2%
    - Dark Stalker Soulknife: 14.9%
    - 12-Headed Hydra: 12.1%
    - Satyr Assassin: 9.7%
    - Inevitable Zelekhut: 9.4%
    - Vrock Ranger: 8.3%
    - Juggernaut: 8.3%

    The Battle Continues (Week 1)
    There was little love for the oozemaster, earning a measly 6.3% of the vote. The vrock ranger needs to watch its back, however, as it also garnered weak support. Who's on top of the heap? None other than the mighty warforged, Titan 54, collecting 22% of this week's vote.

    The Battle Begins
    After the first days of battle, things are going badly for the oozemaster -- despite his dangerous touch, he's suffered grevious wounds from the many maws of the hydra. The vrock, thinking itself safe in the sky, did not count on the righteous fury of the aasimar. And while the soulknife and assassin have kept largely to the safety of the shadows, no one has given strong enough challenge to the warforged titan, holding its ground at the center of the arena.

    From the message boards:

    "Ah, but you forget! Rhandis has blindsight, which essentially gives him, in effect, no blind spots (barring Taibo's ethereal powers)..." -- Nightfall, Lord of Shadow

    "Rhandis, I'm still with you. May your Mind Blade sunder "Harold"'s extra harms!" -- Morka

    "I'm pretty sure that Harold will fall in the next round.If not,then he will probably be eliminated in the final fight." -- tragedy

    "I don't think it's quite fair for Harold not having to be in all the round but I'll still vote him. Spell Weaver for champion.... Oh yeah, and someone kick the walking brain out please." -- I Cant Think of a Name

    "So my prediction: Randlis gets iced and Warforged regains his #1 spot and hopefully Varuna will gain on the Jar Head." -- Balor von Balorvitch

    ""Rhandis" Dark Stalker Soulknife! A vote for Shadowy characters everywhere, those obsessed with Mask, shadow magic, and the Dark Stalker template" -- Raziel Brokodar

    "Yes, I'll have to admit, Titan 54 is gonna rock the socks off the competition" -- Jack Quickblade

    "Hmmm, if I'm not mistaken, only three of the remaining combatants have melee weapons: Sir Zeev's sword (I assume), Terminus' scythe, and Rhandis' mindblade. Assuming all else equal, which weapon has the advantage over the others?" -- RavinRay

    "I'm just going to show my support for the minotaur of legend." -- Gilganarz_the_reporter

    "If this was a 'head to head competion' the Hydra would win hands down! But since it is battle royal... The hydra is next!" -- Balor von Balorvitch

    "For now, lets see if the surely battered and dented Titan can stand up to another week of pounding by the board's Mummy advocates." -- O'mega

    "And how would a warforged titan last so long, does Titan 54 supposed to have class levels or super-advanced or something, cause warforged titans aren't even in the same league as golems." -- Eagle Prince

    "The juggernaut enters the area. It moves forward. Titan 54 steps to the side to hit the hydra and juggernaut keeps moving. Its unstoppable so when it gets to the other side of the arena it crashes through the wall and leaves, getting eliminated." -- talislan

    "I HOPE THE BARD DIES!!!!!! I HATE BARDS!!!!!!!" -- Sadrin Thunderclaw

    "With the Titan and Hydra being the biggest fellas around, they'd likely target each other next -- and the Minotaur would also likely see them as its biggest threats. The only thing I'd say for certain about such a clash of the titans would be that the wearied Hydra would likely fall in the process." -- Zevox

    "None Shall Stand Before The Great Minotaur Even Death Has Failed To Hold The King Of The Labyrinth Only The Warforged Offers Pause To Him Whose Name Means Victory And Even That Will Eventually Fall In Ruin Before The Horns Of The Wrath" -- rampant

    "Giant Monster, ATTACK!!! Titan 54 for Creature Competition 2! Annihilate!" -- Ogre4Hire

    "That is scary, but it can't stop hydra heads rergrowing, can't fly, doesn't have range attacks, can't see invisible and can't get out of the juggernaut's way. It will take a long time to take it down but Titan 54 will be toast by the end." -- talislan

    "I have to go for the Oozemaster. Gotta love the totally deranged." -- Raymond Luxury Yacht

    "Last time I had a definite choice for a winner, and now I can't pick." -- Lord Doombringer

    "It's crazy! A Vrock ranger versus the mummified minotaur of legend. Just sit back and watch the feathers and funeral wrappings fly." -- sefaspawn

    Those That Have Fallen

      Final Round: "Varuna" Mummified Minotaur of Legend
      Nothing could defeat this minotaur of legend in life; so revered was he, that after his passing, his followers mummified his remains to forever guard his labyrinth lair. (By Mercurius)
      Week 12: "Titan 54" Warforged Titan
      The warforged titan series may barely be sentient, but this one's received enough instruction during the Last War to make it an unparalleled combat engine. (By Ogre4Hire - More Info)
      Week 11: "Sir Zeev" Aasimar Knight of the Chalice
      "Graced with a touch of the holy," this aasimar has augmented his paladin levels by becoming a Knight of the Chalice -- a truly demon-hating, fiend-slaying crusader. (By Zevox - More Info)
      Week 10: "Harold" Spell Weaver
      Enigmatic to the extreme, the spell weaver is also master of simultaneous spellcasting. So far, it's used its spells to conceal its identity and gain access to the arena -- can it overcome melee with magic? (By Mithral Icesilver)
      Week 9: Iron Golem/Brain in a Jar
      No mere brain content within its jar -- this one's fully on the loose, having constructed an iron golem body to move about the world. (By Muaythaidaddy)
      Week 9: "Rhandis" Dark Stalker Soulknife
      Spy for his tribe of dark ones, Rhandis sells his services at special cost -- rarely for gold, but often secret knowledge or some future favor owed his tribe. Rhandis strikes from the darkness, and using darkness -- with his blade of shadows. (By Kobold Avenger - More Info)
      Week 8: "Terminus" Entropic Reaper
      A true master of the scythe, the reaper inflicts searing pain against those it decides must die. Unfortunately, this includes just about every other creature it meets. (By Rhadamanthus - More Info)
      Week 7: "Laenya" Eladrin: Coure Warlock
      Smallest of the eladrin celestials, Laenya calls upon the powers of the fey, which she watches over as their self-appointed guardian. Her childish demeanor simply hides the power she can unleash upon her foes. (By Kobold Avenger - More Info)
      Week 6: Yugoloth: Nycaloth
      A fiendish tactician, nycaloths are known to use their invisibility and flight abilities to ambush victims unable to detect their presence. If an opponent isn't defeated after falling from its clutches, then the nycaloth's raking, bleeding wound claws are usually enough to finish the task. (By Shemeska the Marauder)
      Week 6: Fiendish Intellect Devourer
      In our first creature competition our psionic competitor fell prey to the Succubus Paladin in the very first round. In honor of the Mind's Eye return, we bring you another psionic combatant. And a fiendish one, at that. (By RavinRay)
      Week 5: "Tallis" Satyr Assassin
      Most satyrs prefer to lull travelers asleep with their pipes, in order to steal their valuables (or more comely members of their traveling party). This satyr takes more costly vengeance upon anyone who would mistreat his forest home. (By Talislan)
      Week 4: 12-Headed Hydra
      Twelve heads makes for a devastating barrage of biting teeth. Woe betide any opponent not versed in the Improved Sunder feat, or the means to prevent a severed head from growing two more in its place. (By Lyinginbedmon)
      Week 3: Inevitable: Zelekhut
      There's no escaping justice -- not when it's a zelekhut sent to hunt down those attempt to avoid it. Hold person/hold monster allows the zelekhut to keep its targets in place, then dispatching them with its spiked chains. (By Talislan)
      Week 2: Juggernaut
      A virtually unstoppable powerhouse -- perhaps the "tarrasque" of constructs. Can it be stopped? Not likely. At least, not easily. (By RavinRay)
      Week 2: "Leoalcorn" Vrock Ranger
      A "misdemonthropic" deserter from the Blood Wars, this vrock seeks a new powerbase to exert its dominance over other demons. As a ranger, it's chosen evil outsiders to be its favored enemy, hunting down any opposition. (By Prak, the Mad)
      Week 1: "Gelatinous Man" Human Oozemaster
      The gelatinous cube won its grudge match last competition; this time, it's converted one of its devotees into a loyal follower. There are no fouler professions than that of the oozemaster, whose very touch infests others with damage. (By Talislan)

      Those That Have Run Away (Sort Of)

        "Harold the Mighty" Human Bard
        Constantly singing and telling of legends, but always only about himself. If you listen to him, you'd think he'd defeated every creature in the land at least once. (By Tankus)
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