Complete Limited Edition Collection Preview

Ten select pieces of Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: the Gathering art will go on sale in early fall of 2005 with 250 artist signed and numbered canvases and 1,000 artist signed and numbered prints for each selection. Available exclusively via online sale through, prices will range from approximately fifty to three hundred dollars each.

The D&D art pieces include:

"Battle over Sharn" by Wayne Reynolds
Originally featured on the cover of Sharn: City of Towers, this dynamic painting was inspired by an encounter from one of the earliest playtests of the Eberron Campaign Setting—a marauding band of airborne gnolls attacking a bold adventuring party traveling by skycoach through the breathtaking, magic-laced metropolis of Sharn.
"Wrath of Manshoon" by Adam Rex
Originally featured on the cover of Player’s Guide to Faerūn, this forceful painting features one of the most iconic villains in the Forgotten Realms—the elusive and resourceful wizard of the Zhentarim, Manshoon. Confident and menacing, he is depicted here unleashing deadly magic and a pair of summoned bone devils upon a trio of foolish heroes who are desperately fighting for their lives.
"Wizard of Turmish" by Matt Cavotta
Originally featured on the cover of Complete Arcane, this mesmerizing painting depicts a powerful wizard from the northwest region of the Vilhon Reach accompanied by his feline familiar. The portrait illustrates the strong link between master and magical companion, through their shared mannerisms and physical characteristics—such as the adornments on their dreadlocks and tail (respectively) and their square-cut Turmian beards.
"Tiamat" by Wayne Reynolds
Originally featured on page 133 of Complete Divine this awe-inspiring painting depicts the iconic, five-headed deity of evil dragons—Tiamat. Also known as the Chromatic Dragon, she is depicted here looming over a number of fearful worshippers that have traveled to her lair on Avernus, the first plane of Hell, in order to pay homage to her terrible, cruel might.
"Efreeti" by Matt Cavotta
Originally featured on the cover of Dungeon Master’s Guide II, this intimidating painting pays homage to the original cover of the 1st Edition Dungeon Master’s Guide. Summoned from its home in the fabled City of Brass on the Elemental Plane of Fire, this efreeti is emerging from a magical gate, scimitar drawn and looking for trouble.

The art pieces will be available in two different forms:

  • 18”x24” prints with mattes and a Certificate of Authenticity for $49 each.
  • 18”x24” canvases with black wood frames and a Certificate of Authenticity for $299 each.

Make sure that you act fast. There are only 1,000 limited edition prints and 250 limited edition canvasses. The prints are sequentially numbered and signed by the artists; the canvasses are hand-signed and also hand-numbered.

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