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Holiday Cartoons 2004
By Stan!

Spread some D&D holiday spirit with this year's festive batch of fun-filled illustrations by Stan! Each illustration should give even the DM or player "most likely to play Scrooge" a chuckle or two -- and they're sure to make you grin while you're showing them off to your friends. So, starting the 14th of December, watch this spot or the main D&D page for the latest fun holiday image.

As with last year's holiday fun, each piece is sized to fit on one quarter of an 8-1/2 by 11 inch sheet of paper. All you need to do is position it in the lower right corner, fold the paper so that the image is on the front (or back, or whatever your preference is), and give it to your friends and family (or even your DM).

In fact, Wizards of the Coast officially grants authorization to use these images in this fashion for personal use only.

Frost Nips at More than a Nose Check Out Santa's New Ride An Unusual Puppy Gnomes!
It's Not What's Outside... Pop! A Favorite Snowy Activity Perhaps More than One Coal Is Needed Here
Plus: Toasty-Warm Feet; Minus: Ummm... We'll Deck the Halls Phat Vorpal Fun! Piercing Observation

About the Artist

Stan! has worked on a multitude of projects! If you want to learn more about him, check out his website.

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