30th Anniversary Brings Food, Fun, and Giant-Slaying

All wasn't calm at the Wizards of the Coast complex this July 15th. Yes, the RPG Publishing Group threw a preview of this year's Gen Con Epic Level Party for the staff, and everyone stuffed themselves on a Renaissance fair style feast of turkey legs, mushroom pie, and other goodies while watching armored sword-fighters and enjoying roving entertainment. But that was only the calm, happy surface of the party. Out of sight, there was evil afoot. . . . .

Deep in the bowels of the Wizards' complex (okay, it was Focus Group One, a small conference room), a strange madman (game designer James Wyatt) resurrected old foes and brought them back to spoil the party. Brave game designers battled -- in succession -- Nosra, King of the Hill Giants; Jarl Grugnur of the Frost Giants; King Snurre Iron Belly; and even a collection of the most fearsome drow wizards, fighters, and priests from days past. If not for these brave game designers and their ability to construct some of the most broken 9th-level characters you'll ever see, Wizards of the Coast might have been overrun.

But the heroes proved triumphant! Even though tragic losses occurred -- Rob Heinsoo's fighter/cleric, in fact, died from an attack of opportunity before actually completing his first action, and Andy Collins' brave character drew a critical from King Snurre himself -- the rest of the team put the evil creatures back in the ground where they belong.

Happy 30th anniversary! We hope you have as much fun in August at Gen Con Indy as we did here in July.

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