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Get a Free Dungeons & Dragons Comic Book
On Free Comic Book Day, July 3, 2004, at Your Local Comic Book Store

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Wizards of the Coast, in cooperation with Previews and Game Trade Magazine, is pleased to offer Crisis in Raimiton: An Adventurers' Guide to Dungeons & Dragonsfor the 2004 Free Comic Book Day. Written and drawn by D&D artists and players, this comic book provides a simple yet exciting glance into the world of Dungeons & Dragons.

Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) takes place on July 3, 2004. FCBD is a single day when participating comic book shops around North America and around the world give out comic books for free to those people who come into their stores. For more information about FCBD, check out the FCBD website and read the FAQ there.

Make sure you visit your local comic shop to pick up your favorites along with Crisis in Raimiton. You will be glad you did!

What Is the Comic About?

Crisis in Raimiton: An Adventurers Guide to Dungeons & Dragons

The story opens in the real world with Alex joining his first D&D game. Matt, the Dungeon Master, helps Alex create his character while the other players get ready for an exciting evening of gaming. Quickly things move into the fantasy world of Raimiton where our party of characters -- Ari, Denadria, Merrick, and Vandal -- discover that something is definitely wrong.

Follow the adventures of the group as they meet the local townsfolk, only learn of the evil Constable Malaere and his crew of undead taxmen who are terrorizing this quiet town. Now the fun begins!

Watch as the Dungeon Master sets the scene for multiple battles and the players work their characters' magical abilities and special skills in the fight for this small town.

What will happen? Who will win? Can our group of players find and defeat the evil Malaere? Pick up your copy to find out!

Why Create a Comic Book for FCBD?

This comic book was created to interest new players and comic book fans in the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy roleplaying game and to teach those new to the game what roleplaying and adventuring is all about. Comic book readers are the perfect audience for the Dungeons & Dragons game. By creating a learn-to-play comic book, Wizards of the Coast hopes to introduce new players to the unique experience that is Dungeons & Dragons.

Pick up your free copy of Crisis in Raimiton and discover the exciting world of D&D.

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