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Map Folio I: What's In It for You?

Over the years, skilled cartographers Todd Gamble, Robert Lazzaretti, and Dennis Kauth have provided this website with a great selection of maps in the Map-a-Week feature. Now you can purchase a full-color, printed collection of some of these maps. Each map is printed on sturdy, high-quality paper, which means you can immediately put it into play in your game (and not worry so much about the wear and tear since the paper is thicker than standard fare).

While not all of the Map-A-Week maps are in this set (there are 32 one-page maps in Map Folio I), you do get a nice selection. Take a peek at just a few of the ones chosen for this latest game supplement.

Scepter Dungeon Cavern Port Githyanki Citadel
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