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Typos of Doom Illustrated

In any given year, roleplaying game designers write thousands upon thousands of words. These words eventually cross the desk of editors, who in the process of editing them also remove some rather amusing typos. Over the years, the editors shared these typos with those who made them and each other, and thus a collection of funny typos, which became known as Typos of Doom, was born. Thanks to Stan! and his artistic talents, as well as the designers and editors who provided these typos (you know who you are!), you can see some of these funny mistakes illustrated.

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Lager Adventure
Ability Sores
Prayer Beards
Duck Settles
Lucent Undead
Neck Move
Cry Spell
Serving Heads
Defat the Shapeshifter
Pie Fiend
Viscous Beast
Selective Breading
Murdered by True Love
With 250 Feet
Cackling Thunderbolts
Hanging Censors
Not Awake?
Ranging Inferno

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