D&D Archives11/27/2003

Grub's First Adventure
A D&D Coloring Book
By Stan!

Grub is on an important mission. Follow him as he winds his way through the Underdark meeting all sorts of strange creatures and monsters. You'll have the chance to color dragons, xorns, elementals, myconids, displacer beasts, goblins, and many other odd creatures.

You can color each page of his adventure using an online paintbrush and 30 paint pots, then print out your colored pages on a home printer. Or if you'd like, print each page as a black-and-white outline without coloring it and use crayons, markers, or colored pencils to color it.

To Color a Page: Click the paintbrush, then click a color spot, then click the area of the page you want to color. It's that easy.

Have fun!

Open Coloring Book

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