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Draconomicon Desktops

We've assembled three desktop themes featuring art from Draconomicon. Included are startup and shutdown screens, custom icons, and desktop pictures. (We've also included below screensavers in that continue the same dragon theme.)

These desktop themes are for Windows only. They are compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, and XP. They are not available for older versions of Windows, Windows 2000, or Macintosh OS 9 or OS X.

However, you can install the some of the individual components of the desktop themes manually on these operating systems. (For instance, you can install the icons individually in the usual method on the Macintosh OS, along with the desktop pictures and the screensavers.)

Instructions for installing the themes are below. The individual pieces are below that.

To Install the Draconomicon Desktop Theme (Window 95, 98, ME, and XP)

Theme 1

1. On older versions of Windows (95 and 98), you may have to install the "Desktop Themes" feature if it didn't come installed on your system in order to use one of these desktop themes. Go to the "Add/Remove Programs" control panel, and then go to "Windows Components." (You will need your system disk to install the Desktop Themes feature.)

At this point, if you have themes installed, you will see the themes in your control panel. When you double-click one, it will become active.

2. Each theme set is compressed in a .ZIP file and must be unzipped before installing. If you do not have
Winzip (or some other ZIP utility), get it here.

Theme 2

A theme contains original wallpaper, icons, startup/shutdown screen, setup for theme color for windows, and more. There is no new sound added (nor is there a file created for any).

3. Once the themeset is unzipped, it installs itself in a directory of the same name. It generally places the directory in the same location as the zip file itself.

There are three themes to choose from:


Theme 3

4. Open the Desktop Themes control panel (Start menu - Settings - Control Panels) or (Start menu - Control Panels) if using Windows XP.

5. Click the "Themes" pulldown menu and scroll down to "Other," or click the "Theme" pulldown menu and select "Browse..." if using Windows XP.

6. Use the dialog box that appears to browse to wherever you unzipped your theme_set files.

7. Select one of the files in this directory: Draconomicon_1, Draconomicon_2, or Draconomicon_3.

8. Your desktop wallpaper, icons and window colors and fonts should change. This also installs a themed startup screen, shutdown screen, and screensaver.

To Use Theme Components Individually

If you have Windows 2000 or a Macintosh running OS 9 or OS X, you cannot install a themeset. You can use the components below by downloading them and installing them in the manner you would for your particular operating system. Instructions for each system are below.

Icon Sets

To Use the Icon Sets

If you are using Macintosh OS 9 or OS X, select the icon you want to use then press Command+I or "Get Info" from the Edit menu. Select the icon that appears in the Get Info window and copy it. Then, select the folder whose icon you wish to replace, press command - I or "Get Info" from the Edit menu, and select the icon that appears in the Get Info window. Paste the new icon over the old one.


To Use the Screensavers

If you are using Macintosh OS 9 or OS X, unstuff the .sit file corresponding with your operating system (DracoSS_OS9.sit for OS9, DracoSS_OSX.sit for OS X). Use Stuffit Expander to expand the files. (On OS X, this utility is included on your computer.) Once they are expanded, double-click the installer application to install the screensaver.

If you are using Windows 95, 98, ME, or 2000, double-click the file DraconomiconSS.zip and it should unzip automatically. If it does not, use WinZip to expand the file. Once it is unzipped, double-click the installer application to install the screensaver.

Desktop Wallpapers (Mac and PC)

Black Dragon
Desktop Wallpaper
Multiple Dragons
Desktop Wallpaper
Red Dragon
Desktop Wallpaper

Startup and Shutdown Screens (PC)

To Use the Desktop Wallpapers

If you are using Macintosh OS X, put the desktop pictures into your Pictures folder then open System Preferences. Select "Desktops" then choose the desktop picture you want to use.

If you are using Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, or XP, right click on any empty are on your desktop. Select Properties in the menu that appears. Click the Desktop tab. Click the Browse button then navigate two where you stored your desktop wallpapers, then select the desktop wallpaper you want to use.

Desktop Wallpapers Archive

Screensaver Archive

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