The RPGA: Freedom of Movement

If you haven't checked out the RPGA lately, it's time to take another look. As the organized play branch for roleplaying games at Wizards of the Coast, the RPGA continues to expand play opportunities and rewards for members all over the world. Better yet, your membership, the GM Program, D&D Rewards, and adventure ordering are all free. Play more, join now.

D&D Rewards

Power up your play with D&D Rewards. Registration is free, and you amass reward points every time you participate in RPGA-sanctioned games. When event results are reported, your points are recorded in the RPGA database. Your points accumulate over a four-month duration. At the end of each four months, your point total is used to determine your rewards, and goodies are automatically shipped out to your. Players earn points toward Campaign Cards -- full-color, collectable gaming cards granting unique character creation and play possibilities. GMs earn points for running games, and those points translate into special game templates, RPGA exclusive D&D miniatures, and D&D miniatures expansion packs.

D&D Campaigns

Legacy of the Green Regent inaugurated the RPGA's newest campaign program: D&D Campaigns. In this campaign style game, you create your own character and play it at any RPGA-sanctioned event that features Legacy of the Green Regent adventures. During play, you interact with the adventure's story and challenges, and your character's actions help determine the course of the game over the next year and a half by way of online adventure tracking. Adventure tracking also awards your character experience points and gold pieces for defeating challenges. D&D Campaigns progress for two years, taking characters from 1st to 20th level, while built-in level bumps ensure everyone can participate. With D&D Campaigns, the occasional player is never left behind.

Living Campaigns

The RPGA supports a number of Living campaigns, including many member-enabled games. Our most popular are Living Greyhawk and Living Force. These campaigns offer members the chance to build characters, advance them in power, develop their personalities, and forge relationships -- just like you would in an ongoing home game. Living campaign games can be found at conventions, game days, and other gatherings around the world. Visit Join a Game for links to all our campaigns.

GM Program

The GM Program is designed to help game masters (GMs) showcase their talent while developing the vital skills and rules knowledge needed to run great RPGA events. Participants begin at the Herald Level and may advance all the way to Paragon Level. Each progressive GM rank builds on the previous levels while adding both greater responsibility and greater rewards. The application requirements also become more demanding with each new level.

Dungeon Magazine Adventure Sanctioning

We've teamed up with Paizo Publishing to bring you RPGA-sanctioned adventures from Dungeon Magazine. The first two adventures -- "The Demonskar Legacy" and "Dragon Hunters" -- appear in the November 2003 issue, #104. These adventures remain active until December 29, 2003 and are worth two D&D Rewards points each. The adventure text is right there in your copy of Dungeon, and you sanction and report play for these adventures just like any other adventure, by ordering it through the RPGA members page.

Winter Fantasy Moves East

A new power is rising in the east as Winter Fantasy moves to the Meadowlands Exposition Center in New Jersey. Winter Fantasy is the roleplayers' convention, and it's all RPGA, all the time. In addition to lots of roleplaying and the first Legacy of the Green Regent level kick, this year's show features a sneak peek at the new D&D campaign setting Eberron and introduces the RPGA's newest project: D&D miniatures tournament play.

Joining the RPGA

To become a member, just show up at an RPGA-sanctioned event and ask to sign up. Event coordinators even have membership cards to give you on the spot. To find a sanctioned event in your area, visit the Events Calendar. If you're having trouble finding a game day or convention in your area, you can take the Herald-Level GM Test online and start hosting your own events and building a network of gamers and friends in your area.

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